Interviews are all about creating a great first impression and persuading an employer to hire you. The job market is highly competitive and most hiring managers interview multiple people for one role, so it’s really important for you to stand out in your interview. Here are 5 ways you can stand out from the crowd in an interview!

1. Be prepared!

The key to standing out at an interview is being prepared! Make sure you read the job description thoroughly so you know exactly what the employer is looking for. It’s also worth having a practice run of potential interview questions. Your preparation will help you to appear more confident in the interview and reduce your nerves.

2. Show initiative

Carry out some research of the company to help you personalise your interview answers. Demonstrating your knowledge of the business will show initiative, as you have gone beyond just reading the job description. Your research will also show your commitment to getting the role and make you a more attractive candidate.

3. Be early

Arriving to an interview five or ten minutes early will help to create a great first impression. Make sure that you know where you’re going before the interview to ensure you’re not late! Getting there early will allow you to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and help to increase your confidence in the interview.

4. Dress smartly

Dressing smartly will help you to appear professional to hiring managers. Turning up to your interview in a tracksuit can suggest that you‘ve not put any effort into preparing for the interview and make you stand out in all the wrong ways! Dressing formally will show an employer that you’re taking the interview seriously.  

5. Be polite

Whether you like the interviewer or not it’s essential that you remain polite throughout the process. Even if you decide that this job isn’t for you, being polite will help you to maintain a positive reputation with the company and establish a positive relationship with the employer. 

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