How to Turn a Temp Job into a Permanent One

How to Turn a Temp Job into a Permanent One

Temporary jobs are a great way to develop your skills, earn some extra cash and get your foot in the door. Don’t be put off by a role because it’s temporary, some temporary positions will have the prospect of turning into a permanent job.  Here’s 6 ways to help you turn your temporary job into something longer term…

Be willing to put the effort in!

Putting effort into your work to ensure it’s always completed to a high standard will help you when you’re looking to secure a permanent position. If you’re not willing to make an effort the quality of your work and it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be kept on.

Stay positive

Make sure you stay positive at work. Complaining about your job and colleagues can make you unpleasant to work with and could harm your chances of being taken on permanently. Positivity will help show your employer that you’re enthusiastic about your role and will increase the chances of landing a permanent contract if one becomes available.

Be reliable

Demonstrating to your employer that you are reliable can go a long way in landing you a permanent contract. Make sure that you complete all your work and if you say you’ll do something you do it. Turning up late, missing deadlines and refusing shifts can significantly harm your chances. A manager will only want to take on an employee permanently if they know they can rely on them!

Develop your skills

If you find there are skills you’re missing that’s preventing you finding permanent work, try to develop these skills before the end of your temporary contract. Offering to lend a hand to a colleague who is struggling with their workload can provide you with a great opportunity to expand your experience and develop the skills you may be lacking.

Interact with your colleagues

Interacting with your colleagues will help you fit more comfortably into your role. If you get on well with your colleagues and prove to be good to work with, the chances of you securing a permanent contract will increase.

Look out for opportunities

Sometimes it’s simply not possible for an employer to keep you on at the end of your temporary contract. However, while you’re there make sure to keep an eye out for any new permanent vacancies within the company. Your experience with the business will help to boost your prospects and help you stand out from other candidates when applying for the role.

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