6 Ways to Stand Out in a Group Interview

6 Ways to Stand Out in a Group Interview

A group interview is designed to help an employer gauge how effectively you can work in a team and give you an opportunity to showcase your skills through group activities. It’s becoming more common for employers to hold group interviews alongside traditional one-on-one interviews, so it’s important to ensure that you stand out from a crowd. Here’s 6 ways to stand out in your next group interview!

Be Early

Being 5 or 10 minutes early for an interview will help you create a great first impression! Arriving early will also allow you to interact with other applicants before the formal interview takes place and is a great opportunity to show off your communication skills and personality.

Be Confident

One of the worst things you can do in an interview is let your nerves take over. Try and remain confident as it will help your answers appear more credible and will help you stand out from the quieter members of the group.


Preparation is key to standing out in a group interview. Your knowledge of the role and the company will show initiative and ensure your answers are relevant. Practising potential answers before an interview will improve your confidence and help you to get your point across more effectively.

Be Polite

No matter whether or not you get on with the other candidates in your interview, it’s essential that you’re polite. Your politeness will not only demonstrate your professionalism, it could also help show a hiring manager how you deal with individuals who may be difficult to work with.

Avoid Repetition

Lots of group interviews will include a question and answer section. It’s important, as far as possible, not to repeat what others in the interview have already said. If, for example, you’re asked to describe yourself within 2 words try and come up with something relevant but original – repeating what other candidates have already said will make it much harder for you to stand out!


While it’s important that you make a good impression and you stand out from other candidates, it’s also essential that you listen carefully throughout your interview. Don’t interrupt other applicants to try and get your point across, as it will reflect badly on your character. Listening to what others are saying will help you show your teamwork skills and you could pick up on talking points for later in the interview.

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