How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job

How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job

Social media is a really effective tool for a job seeker. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can increase your employability and help you to connect with employers. Here are 5 advantages to using social media during your job search…

Facebook Job Groups

There are lots of different job groups that you can join on Facebook. These groups are often location specific and are a really useful tool to find work in your local area. Both job seekers and employers are members of these groups, so it gives you the opportunity to get advice from fellow job hunters, as well as connecting directly with hiring managers.

Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are a useful way to find new job postings on Twitter. Lots of businesses using Twitter will often use hashtags, such as #hiring or #job, to advertise new job opportunities. Searching relevant hashtags on Twitter will help you find new job adverts and could alert you to vacancies you may not find elsewhere.  

Company Profiles

Lots of companies have their own social media profiles. Checking a business’s social media profile can help you to keep up to date with new opportunities – as many companies post their job adverts to their own ‘wall’ or ‘feed’, so it’s useful to follow, like or connect with businesses to alert you to new vacancies.

Relevant Content

For social media to be effective it’s important that the content you post is relevant and isn’t offensive. If, for example, you’re posting content online that you don’t wish an employer to see then make sure that your privacy settings are up to date.


Social media is a very effective way to expand your professional network. LinkedIn, particularly, has various industry specific groups and pages that you can join. These groups are designed to generate discussion and enable you connect with other professionals. Expanding your professional network can improve your employability, as individuals in your network may be able to alert you to job vacancies and give you useful career advice.

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