Would Your CV Pass the 30 Seconds Test?

Would Your CV Pass the 30 Seconds Test?

Lots of employers will decide whether or not you’re suitable for a role within 30 seconds of reading your CV. Therefore, keeping your CV concise is key, to ensure a hiring manager sees everything you have to offer as a candidate. Here are our top tips for beating the 30 seconds test and boosting your prospects!

2 Page Limit

Generally, you should try and limit your CV to two pages, any longer and it can be hard for an employer to find what they’re looking for, leading them to assume you’re unsuitable for the job.

Don’t Waffle

Make sure that everything you write is relevant to the role you’re applying for. If it doesn’t directly relate to the job or demonstrate your suitability then don’t include it!

Avoid Repetition

Whether you have lots of experience or none at all, it’s essential that you don’t repeat yourself. Repetition will make your CV boring to read and could result in employers overlooking relevant skills and experiences!

Don’t Be Cliché

Using cliché lines such as ‘I work well in a team’ won’t help to persuade an employer that you’re suitable for the role. Instead, it’s the reasonswhyyou’re good at something orhowyou work well in a given situation that will set your CV apart from others and encourage a recruiter to continue reading.

Effective CV Structure

It’s really important that your CV is easy to read. Although graphics and fancy designs can help make your CV stand out visually, if your structure is hard to read and an employer can’t identify you’re skills then you won’t stand a chance! Order your skills and experience by relevance and ensure what you write is formatted for the ease of the employer not because you like how it looks.

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