Top 10 Video Interview Tips

Top 10 Video Interview Tips

Video interviews have increased in popularity with many employers over the past few years, so it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll take part in one during your job search. Video interviews can be pre-recorded and sent to the employer or they can be carried out in real time in a very similar way to a traditional face-to-face interview. Here are our top ten tips for acing a video interview and landing your next job!

Choose your surroundings carefully

It’s really important that you take stock of your surroundings before a video interview. Whether you’re at home or out and about ensure your surroundings won’t give the hiring manager the wrong impression. Make sure that any wall or space behind you is either blank or doesn’t include images, wording or objects that could be offensive or deemed unprofessional.

Set up somewhere quiet

Make sure that you set yourself up somewhere quiet. A loud and busy room will make it much harder for a hiring manager to hear your answers and they could miss key pieces of information.

Install software in advance

Whether it’s a video or a face-to-face interview you still need to be on time! Logging into a programme a few minutes after the interview was set to start is just as bad as turning up late to a face-to-face interview. You can’t guarantee how long it will take to download any required software and it won’t always be compatible with your device, downloading the programme and checking your login details in advance will ensure you aren’t late and create a great first impression.  

Avoid interruptions

Be sure to make others in the area aware of your interview to avoid any awkward interruptions or encounters that could make a hiring manager question your professionalism. Interruptions may also result in you losing your train of thought and you may not answer the questions as effectively.

Dress smartly

Even if the video interview is taking place at home it is still beneficial to dress smartly. Smart attire will help to demonstrate your professionalism and show the employer that you’ve put effort into preparing for the interview.


It’s important that you prepare for a video interview in the same way you would for any other interview. Take time beforehand to research the company and the role you’ve applied for so you can tailor any of your answers to the business. A lack of preparation is just as obvious in a video as it is in person.

Check recordings before you submit

If you are required to record the interview to submit to an employer at a later date, be sure to watch it over before you submit it! Watching your video will allow you to check for any sound or image quality issues and highlight any questions that you could answer more effectively. Be sure to record the video within plenty of time so you can make any necessary changes.

Look at the camera not the screen

It’s really tempting to look at the screen instead of the camera during a video interview. Although looking directly into the camera may seem like a small detail, it can go a long way in helping you to appear more confident and will help you to stand out.

Make use of notes

If you’ve made any notes during your interview preparation it’s really useful to have them with you during your video interview. Although, be careful not to put them in front of the camera and don’t read them like a script, both will make your answers appear less genuine and could harm your chances.

Be aware of body language

Try to sit straight and don’t slouch. A laid back stance will make you appear disinterested and could harm your chance of getting the job.

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