How to Use a Job Description to Land a Job

How to Use a Job Description to Land a Job

Job descriptions are a really useful tool to help you perfect a job application. It will outline the skills and qualities an employer is looking for and act as a guide to help you write a relevant and high quality application! Here are 6 ways to use a job description to your advantage…

Read the description thoroughly

Before you apply for a job it’s essential that you read the job description thoroughly, this will give you a better understanding of what the employer is looking for so you can tailor your application accordingly.

Use relevant examples

After you’ve read the job description you’ll need to choose examples of experiences that best relate to the role you’re applying for. Irrelevant examples will use up valuable space in your application and make you appear unsuitable for the role.

Adapt your personal statement

Typically, a description will describe the type of person a company is looking for; this could include attributes such as ambitious, friendly and approachable. Draw on these keywords and add them into your personal statement, as they’re qualities the employer will be specifically searching for in your application. Including relevant attributes in your statement will make it far more persuasive!

Identify skills they’re looking for

A job description will list specific skills a business is looking for, this is a great guide to help you prioritise your skills and help you decide what to include in your CV.

Be clear about the experience you have

If the employer is asking for a minimum amount of experience in an industry, and you have it, make it easy for the hiring manager to identify. Clearly stating in your application the number of years’ experience you have in a role will ensure an employer doesn’t miss this in your CV.

Re-read before an interview

Make sure you re-read the job description before attending an interview, to ensure your answers are relevant. Often an employer will ask questions that relate directly to the job description, re-reading it before your appointment will ensure you’re answering the questions effectively.

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