5 Ways to Beat Interview Nerves

5 Ways to Beat Interview Nerves

Interviews can be very stressful with nerves running high. It’s really important to try and stay calm to ensure you give a good first impression and answer questions effectively. Here are our top 5 tips to beat interview nerves!

Plan Your Journey

Find out the interview venue in advance of your appointment so you’re confident you know where you’re going. It’s beneficial to go to the venue before your interview to test how long it will take to get there and ensure you don’t get lost. Planning your journey will help to reduce your nerves and avoid any unnecessary stress of being late or getting lost.


Practising answers to potential interview questions can go a long way in reducing your nerves. If you have some idea about what you’re going to say it will reduce the pressure and help you to appear more confident.

If you’re unsure, ask!

If there is anything about the interview you aren’t sure about, ask! There is no harm in asking an employer questions before the interview. If you’ve been asked to complete a task in preparation for your appointment and you’re confused, don’t be afraid to reach out to the hiring manager. Asking for help will help reduce stress and can actually show an employer you’re taking the task seriously.

Arrive Early!

Arriving early for an interview will not only create a good first impression, but will give you time to calm down and get your nerves in check before the appointment. Taking a few minutes before an interview to breathe and become accustomed to your surroundings will have a big impact on your nerves.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoid drinking too much caffeine before an interview, as it can significantly increase your nerves. Too much caffeine will actually increase your nerves and, consequently, reduce your confidence. Limit your caffeine intake will help you stay calm and create a great first impression!

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