Shhh! How To Keep Your Job Search Discreet

Shhh! How To Keep Your Job Search Discreet

Sometimes the secret to a successful job search is to keep it discreet, especially if you are currently employed.  

If you are on the lookout for a new role, it can quickly turn into a nightmare especially if your current employer finds out, as your job security can be jeopardised.  

So if you’re looking to keep your job search on the down low, take a look at our 5 pointers below to help you carry out your job hunt in privacy…

1) Don’t Look On Company Time
Rule number one of keeping your search covert is to not to look for a new position during company time. First and foremost, you should continue to put in every effort into your current role so you don’t burn any bridges with your employer. And if a future boss finds out about this method, it will generate doubts about your honesty or integrity.

2) Don’t Post It On Social Media
When it comes to job hunting, leave social media well alone. While tempting, don’t pop a status out detailing your job search as it is likely to get back to your current employer. And if you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, ensure your ‘notify your network’ button is turned off before making any changes to your profile.

3) Don’t Tell Your Colleagues
No matter how much you trust your co-workers; it’s important to keep your job search confidential as your plans might be overheard. Before you know it, your plans might have spread throughout the building and not remain as private as you first thought.

4) Don’t Overshare On Job Boards
There is a high chance that the company you work for will use a number of job sites for recruitment. To avoid your boss stumbling across your CV during a standard candidate search, make subtle adjustments to your CV and try not to use your current company’s name on your CV.

5) Don’t Wear Anything Different
If you are offered an interview, avoiding coming into your workplace in smart attire especially if your usual dress code is more casual. This will only draw attention to you and you are most likely to get rumbled by your colleagues and superiors. Instead schedule some time off so you are able to arrive at your interview in suitable attire and not create suspicion amongst your co-workers.

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