10 Things I Wish I Knew During My First Job…

10 Things I Wish I Knew During My First Job…

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect for even the most experienced amongst us. However if you are about to make your first step on the career ladder it can be especially unnerving.

If you are straight out of education or even starting a new job in sector which is alien to you, it can be tricky to get to grips with the ropes of a new workplace.

Every company and job role is unique; however we all face similar hurdles when we start a new position.  Take a look at our 10 pointers detailing the things we wish we knew before we started our very first jobs…

Don’t Worry About Making A Mistake
First and foremost, mistakes are going to happen and will continue to do so throughout your career.  The important thing to remember is any errors made in the workplace will not result in the end of the world. As soon as you realise you’ve made a mistake, it’s best to own up to it so you are to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Everybody Else Is Winging It
When you first enter into a workplace, it can be overwhelming as everyone else appears to have a good grip on what they are doing.  As a newbie, there will be moments when you feel like a fraud as it can often feel like you are making it up as you go along. However the more experience you gain; the more confident you will be in your abilities.

Always Ask Questions
If you are ever unsure about anything in the workplace, don’t be afraid to ask a colleague for some additional guidance.  By sitting quietly, it can lead to anxiety on your part and may result in a particular task not been completed fully.

Don’t Be Frightened To Share Ideas
One of the biggest mistakes which you can make in your first role is to assume that the position is passive and not valued within the company. Always share any ideas with colleagues, as you will be to offer a much fresher and unique perspective on a situation.  

Be Organised
Never underestimate the power of been organised in the workplace, as it can reduce stress levels. Being organised also means keeping your workspace clean and tidy, so you feel less flustered and more likely to find that important document.

Have A Daily To-Do List
Start each day by composing a to-do list, this will help you to focus on the tasks which need completing that day. You will feel a sense of achievement once you manage to tick off each task on your list.  

Always Action Emails
Having an inbox full of emails can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to judge where to even begin.  By keeping your inbox tidy, it can mean that you don’t miss out on any important messages which may require your attention.    

Avoid Being Late
Never underestimate the importance of being punctual and well presented in the workplace, as these qualities which will get noticed by your superiors. Also avoid turning up late and being unorganised for meetings, as this can look unprofessional on your part.

Be Willing To Take On A Challenge
In the workplace, you will often be faced with situations outside your comfort zone and it can be scary prospect when you have to face them head on. Never back down from anything which you may find uncomfortable, as it will improve your sense of character and your value as an employee.

Always Be Kind
Last but no means least, don’t forget to be kind and nice to each person which you encounter in the workplace.  Don’t say anything in writing which you wouldn’t be prepared to say on face to face basis.  Your personal attitude will leave a lasting impression on an employer so make sure it’s a positive one.