24/01/2019 14:13:35

    We’re pleased to be introducing video interviews here at Baxter Personnel. We’re offering the opportunity for some of our candidates to take part in interviews via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. Here is what you need to know before your interview…

  • 7 Ways to Get Your CV Noticed

    23/07/2018 15:00:20

    A CV makes up a big part of your application and can have a huge impact on the success of your job search. With hundreds of candidates applying for the same vacancies, it’s really important that your document stands out from the crowd. Here are 7 ways to get your CV noticed!

  • 7 Ways to Land a Summer Job

    29/06/2018 14:03:36

    Summer is a great time to find a new job. Whether you’re a school leaver, you’re on a break or simply looking for a change there are lots of great job opportunities to be found at this time of year. Here are our top 7 tips for finding a job this summer!

  • 7 Ways to Write an Effective Application

    15/06/2018 16:14:44

    Writing a good application is essential to your job search! Whether it’s a CV, cover letter, essay or form an application is key to landing your next job. A well-written, relevant application will help you to stand out from the crowd and show an employer that you’re a great fit for the job! Here are 7 ways to write an effective application…

  • 10 Dos and Don’ts when writing a Cover Letter

    24/05/2018 17:38:43

    A cover letter can make a big difference to the success of your application. Your letter is a great opportunity to write about skills and experiences you’ve missed in your CV without exceeding the word count. A persuasive cover letter can make a big difference to your application. Here are 10 dos and don’ts to help you write an effective cover letter!

  • 5 Ways to Beat Interview Nerves

    23/05/2018 15:08:52

    Interviews can be very stressful with nerves running high. It’s really important to try and stay calm to ensure you give a good first impression and answer questions effectively. Here are our top 5 tips to beat interview nerves!

  • How to Make Your CV Stand Out

    11/05/2018 16:20:29

    There is a lot of competition when you’re applying for a job, with hundreds of people applying for one role it’s really important to stand out from the crowd. A well written, easy to read CV can have a big impact on your application and can help you to secure your next role. Here are 6 simple ways to make your CV stand out!

  • How to Use a Job Description to Land a Job

    02/05/2018 10:39:06

    Job descriptions are a really useful tool to help you perfect a job application. It will outline the skills and qualities an employer is looking for and act as a guide to help you write a relevant and high quality application! Here are 6 ways to use a job description to your advantage…


    25/04/2018 12:55:15

    Developing your personal brand is a great way to help you improve your career prospects. Your personal brand is the way in which you present and market yourself to others, from friends and family to clients and colleagues. Building up a positive reputation will help you appear more attractive to an employer and increase your employment opportunities. Here are 9 ways to improve your personal brand and give your career a boost…


    18/04/2018 12:36:33

    Staying organised is key to a successful job search, knowing what you’ve applied for and when will save you a lot of time, reduce stress and help you stay focused throughout your search. Here are 5 ways to stay organised during your job search!