• CVS: Here To Serve A Purpose

    13/10/2015 11:22:49

    A CV or a Curriculum Vitae loosely translates as ‘the course of my life’ and like life, no two CVs are ever the same. Your CV is also the only part of the hiring process of which you have full control of; after all you are the only person who decides what a potential employer sees. Essentially, it is a marketing tool showcasing your experience, education and a story of your professional working life. But there is also much more to CVs than meets the eye

  • Blog Masterclass: How Blogging Can Help Your Career

    06/10/2015 11:27:51

    You may have heard how blogging can help unpublished writers get noticed or how it has even thrust people into fame and fortune. But have you considered that creating a blog can actually help to propel your career forward? Blogging is not just about writing your thoughts or opinions; you can share photos, videos or connect with others. Whatever you choose to blog about it, it will demonstrate your personality and will increase your online presence in an ever developing digital world.

  • Our Guide To The National Minimum Wage Increase

    29/09/2015 10:44:11

    This week will see the National Minimum Wage have its largest increase since 2007. The rise is set to benefit over 1.4 million workers in the UK. The National Minimum Wage is in place to protect as many low paid workers as possible but to also ensure that there is no impact on jobs or the economy.

  • Patience: The Secret Ingredient For A Successful Job Search

    22/09/2015 11:11:09

    They say that patience is a virtue and it is a trait needed if you are job hunting. Landing the perfect job doesn’t always come overnight and the job searching process can become frustrating at times. This is where patience comes in, granted, it doesn’t always come easy, especially if you have been searching for a new role for an extended period of time.

  • Baxter Personnel Middlesbrough is Here!

    18/09/2015 15:05:32

    Baxter Personnel Middlesbrough Recruitment Branch is finally here offering jobs in the Teesside region through our recruitment agency!

  • To Post Or Not To Post? – How Social Media Can Help Or Hurt Your Job Hunt

    09/09/2015 09:26:14

    As a job hunter, you will be aware of how you need to act in an interview or in the workplace. But have you ever considered what you post on social media can have an effect on your job hunt? While social media sites are great tools to connect with friends, share photos or retweet the latest news article, they are also becoming crucial in the recruitment process.

  • Thanks For Updating Your Details!

    08/09/2015 10:31:59

    We would like to thank all our candidates who have taken the opportunity to update their details with us. By having a fully up-to-date record will allow us to help you find the jobs you want more easily and effectively. Recently, we have been working on improving our database to ensure we are able to deliver suitable roles to you and overall improve our level of service.

  • Climb The Career Ladder: How To Gain Promotion

    03/09/2015 15:44:08

    If you have recently been thinking about furthering your career, a promotion is a great way to do so. But before you move up the ladder, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can succeed in your current role. If you are seeking promotion, you need to strike the balance of being a key team member but also ensuring that you are able to self-promote your skills.

  • 10 Tips to Formatting the Perfect CV

    25/08/2015 16:52:55

    Recruiters can receive hundreds of CVs a day, therefore it important that your CV stands out. To ensure that your CV gets noticed is it essential that all information is formatted correctly. Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV, but tailoring it in a suitable format can only increase your chances in obtaining an interview.

  • How To Effectively Job Search Online

    18/08/2015 13:57:33

    The internet has transformed the way in which we can search and apply for jobs. It can help to wider your search, save valuable time and can even introduce you to a new career you may have not have previously considered. The internet has also made it easier to connect with a potential employer and other professionals, where you can network with them before you even meet in person.