• How can I get more social

    21/07/2013 13:12:12

    A quick word of advice on getting more social to find jobs using social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • How social networking can help you find a job

    21/07/2013 13:11:30

    The way that we look for work is constantly changing, with social networking becoming a common way to find work Baxter Personnel is working hard to adapt.


    21/07/2013 13:10:58

    We were looking for an additional consultant to join our team, who understood our company history yet still had the drive & passion required.

  • Statutory redundancy payments and guarantee payments increase

    21/07/2013 13:09:39

    The maximum amount of a week's pay used to calculate a statutory redundancy payment & the basic & additional awards for unfair dismissal to increase 01/2012

  • Changes to employment tribunal procedure

    21/07/2013 13:09:02

    The Government has announced a "fundamental review" of the Employment Tribunal Rules of Procedure, expected to be introduced on 6 April 2012.

  • Pensions auto-enrolment begins

    21/07/2013 13:08:20

    Employers with 50 or more employees now have to enrol eligible employees automatically, and make mandatory employer contributions into 'NEST'.

  • Qualifying period for unfair dismissal protection is increased

    13/07/2013 10:28:10

    The biggest change to employment rights for 2012 is the increase of the qualifying period for an employee to bring an unfair dismissal.

  • Some of the companies we partner with

    13/07/2013 10:27:38

    We truly believe building strong lasting relationships is the only way to do business, some of the companies that we partner with include Comtek & Me2U Beauty.

  • More CV Tips

    13/07/2013 10:27:11

    More CV tips from Baxter Personnel, CV tips to get your resume in top shape for potential employers.

  • Professional CV Tips

    09/07/2013 20:39:08

    The latest CV tips from Baxter Personnel to write your CV in a professional manner if you are unsure how to write your CV.