How To Shake Off Interview Anxiety

How To Shake Off Interview Anxiety

Apprehensive, tense and flustered are just some of the things which we may feel before we attend a job interview. Nerves can happen to even the most confident among us as we are eager to make a great first impression.

However getting an invitation to an interview is also an exciting prospect as it demonstrates we have the right experience and ability to gain a new role.

But how do you shake off interview anxiety and prevent it from jeopardising your chances of landing your next job? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best strategies to use to wave bye bye to pre-interview nerves…

Research, Research, Research
‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’ as the old phrase goes and this certainly rings true when it comes to job interviews. Do as much homework as you can on your potential employer so you feel as prepared as possible on the day. Also take a look at how you would answer some common interview questions; you can view our handy guide for this here. 

Have A Dress Rehearsal
Select a smart outfit before the big day so you feel organised on the morning of your interview. Also compile any important documents or information which you have been asked to prepare beforehand so you’re not frantically searching for them beforehand. 

Fuel Up
Okay, we are not talking about your car, bike or any other vehicle which you may use to get around; we’re talking about the importance of eating well on the day. By having a hearty breakfast or lunch, it will leave you feeling more energised and positive for the interview ahead. 

Plan Your Route
It’s essential to know where exactly your interview is being held and how you are going to get there. Leave extra time to arrive as you never know if there will be any additional traffic on road or if your train will be pulling into the station late. Always make sure you have a contact number for the person who is interviewing you as you’ll never know when you may need it.

Visualise Success
Part of any pre-interview nerves will leave you imaging the worse possible scenarios happening during the interview. However, if you visualise yourself charming the recruiter and been able to answer all the questions successfully, you will walk into the interview feeling much more confident. Also remember to smile, even if you have to fake it, it will trick your brain into thinking you are feeling much more positive than you are.

Do Something You Enjoy
Leave a little time aside in your preparation schedule to do something which you enjoy. Listen to music, watch your favourite film or take part in a sporting activity to help boost your mood and leave you feeling much more relaxed for the interview ahead.

Admit Your Nerves
Sometimes it’s okay to admit we are human and are struggling with nervousness. A recruiter will understand that an interview can be a daunting task for even the best of us. So if you start to stumble half way through a question, it’s okay to admit you are struggling to answer it due to interview anxiety.  

Request Feedback
Regardless of the result of your interview, it is always advisable to request any feedback. Constructive criticism helps us to reflect on the areas which we need to work on which will in turn make us feel more prepared for any future job interviews.

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