Job Seeker Advice From Jobsite

Job Seeker Advice From Jobsite

One of the most common places that job seekers check when looking for work other than their local recruitment agency such as Baxter Personnel is the job boards such as Monster, CV-Library, Total Jobs, REED, Jobsite or one of the many other job websites that are available.

Recently, we came across an article by Jobsite that you can read here. The article provides job seekers with five key points that the writer labels as being the 'best' advice available for job seekers.

For the convenience of our readers, we've broken this information down and condensed it as much as possible. The link to the original article if you would like to read the full post is above.

You need a Job Seeker Attitude Adjustment

This key point contains an interesting quote, it mentions that over 70% of all employees are actively looking for work, it then goes on to mention the total number of unemployed at the time the article was posted and correctly mentions that the smallest things such as wearing a suite to an interview count.

Don't Be Defensive

This keypoint makes it clear that employers and recruiters frequently ask questions about the history of your employment as well as other questions that some candidates might find 'uneasy' and correctly points out that you should not be elusive when answering questions.

Don't Be Arrogant

This point makes the distinction between confidence and cockiness by explaining how to state your accomplishments without for example putting others down, it goes on to mention things that are often common knowledge such as turning off your mobile phone during an interview.

Be Confident

Be confident is an extension of the 'don't be arrogant' point and goes on to explain further differences between cocky and confident. The point summarises confidence as being prepared, stating the facts and being well rehearsed for your interview.

The Best Advice?

The final point that jobsite makes is that attitude is key, having a good attitude opens up more opportunities. It further points out that although technology is constantly evolving how job seekers look for work, a bad attitude still makes it difficult to find employment.