Unique Ways Of Finding Work

Unique Ways Of Finding Work

Whether you’re employed or unemployed and you’re looking for a new job or opportunity that pays better or is more enjoyable in comparison to the job that you do now, it can be difficult knowing where to look. When browsing recruitment websites, job boards or reading local papers for the latest job opportunities you are likely to notice that there is a large variety of vacancies that are available. Apart from the usual methods of looking for work as mentioned previously, there is a variety of methods that you can use for looking for work that are ‘unique’ in comparison to traditional job seeking methods.

Although traditional methods of job seeking are now starting to become redundant for many, there are still methods of looking for work that are ‘unique’ and allow you to find vacancies that you might otherwise not be able to find. Word of mouth is a method of finding work that has long had a place in the job seekers arsenal and can be taken advantage of simply by speaking with family, friends, neighbours or others who might be aware of vacancies that are suitable.

Another method of finding work that might be viewed as ‘unusual’ is to look for work with someone else, using them as a job search partner so to speak. Looking for work with a partner could yield significantly more opportunities despite the fact that this may result in more competition.

Tying the above points together, job seekers could potentially use social media and other digital methods of looking for work to their advantage. An unusual approach that Baxter Personnel often notices is that candidates tend to bulk mail their CV and information to multiple recruitment agencies. Using social media can allow candidates to use the first point to their advantage as they can communicate with their friends, family and associates in a simpler and more flexible manner, allowing them to discover job opportunities faster and easier, this approach of using social media can also tie in with having a job search partner as it becomes easier to share vacancies using social media.

The above methods are only some of the ways that you can look for work without resorting to traditional job seeking methods.