10 Traits That Make A Great Candidate

10 Traits That Make A Great Candidate

Trying to figure out what a potential employer is looking for in a potential candidate can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

Companies invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that they select the right person for the job.  But how do you ensure that you have the right characteristics to meet their specifications?

If you are looking to get hired, take a look at the 10 traits below on what makes a great candidate:

You Demonstrate Competence
Put simply, competence is the ability to get the job done correctly and to convey that you have the right skills needed for the role. Businesses need to have the reassurance that employees will complete all tasks required of them with little supervision.

You Have Longevity
Job longevity is the length of time that you have spent in a particular role. It indicates that you are a committed employee who doesn’t jump ship at the first sign of trouble. Longevity is also linked with performance; it is likely if you have spent a lengthy period with one employer that you have a good work ethic.

You Explain Any Gaps
If at any point in your career you have found yourself out of work, you need to account for any gaps in your employment history.  By demonstrating that you spent your time out of work productively, can only make you appear more attractive to a potential employer.

You Communicate Effectively
Communications with a potential employer start way before the interview process. Your CV and covering letter are the first opportunity to exhibit your communication skills. Ensure that your CV is up-to-date and is spelt correctly; this will convey to the interviewer that you can process information well and take care in your work.

You Are Willing To Be Creative
Companies thrive when they are constantly coming up with creative solutions to any issues. An attractive candidate is someone who does the same and who is always looking for fresh ways to complete an old task.  

You Have The Likeability Factor
Being able to demonstrate that you able to get along with others and work well within a team is a key trait that employers look for. An interviewer is more likely to give you a job offer if you are likable and fit in well with the company culture.

You’re Passionate
Demonstrating passion for the role can only add to your likeability factor. It illustrates that you have a positive attitude and are willing to go the extra mile at work. Passionate people are more likely to succeed in the workplace, as they approach each task in the right frame of mind.  

You Can Adapt
As businesses grow and develop, they look for candidates who can do the same.Being able to demonstrate that you can function well when it comes to change will only put you in good stead with the employer.

You Expose Leadership Skills
Granted not everyone wants to be the boss at an organisation, but demonstrating the same skills as a leader will only put you in a positive light with an employer. Being able to showcase responsibility for tasks and by demonstrating your commitment to a company can only make you a great candidate.  

You Can Multitask
Candidates are rarely hired to perform a single function at a company, employers need people who are willing to take on a number of tasks and have ability to adapt to meet the needs of the business.


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