5 Pieces Of Etiquette For Your Work Christmas Party

5 Pieces Of Etiquette For Your Work Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner which means the festive party season is now in full swing!

It’s the time of year where you will get together with your colleagues; to eat, drink and be merry. However, we have all heard a horror story of a colleague who got a little too merry at their company’s event. Sometimes what happens at the Christmas party doesn’t always stay at the Christmas party and any negative behaviour can follow you back into the office.  

If your work Christmas party is on the horizon and you’re unsure how to act, take a look at our 5 etiquette pointers below…

1) Don’t Skip It
First and foremost, try your best to attend the event as your absence maybe noted. After all, your work Christmas party can provide you with a wealth of opportunity to network with your colleagues on a social level. Try not to arrive late or towards the end of the event; as this can make it difficult to connect with already formed groups.

2) Know Your Limits
Your company’s Christmas party can be the perfect occasion to unwind and to get better acquainted with your colleagues. Quite often, this can mean the alcohol will be flowing. Take into account your own limits and don’t over do it, after all incidents involving too much alcohol can be the biggest faux pas at any Christmas party.

3) Dress Suitability
Granted, a party is always the perfect opportunity to dress up, but keep in the back of your mind that it is still a business event. Dress more conservatively compared to a normal party, as revelling too much can leave a lasting impression on colleagues.  Being too casual can also broadcast the wrong message to your co-workers.

4) Make Conversation
Make the effort to chat with colleagues, especially with those who you wouldn’t normally interact with on a daily basis. Keep the conversation positive and avoid any workplace gossip or controversial topics; as it can reflect badly on you. Try your best not to take any phone calls or to text during the event as this can come across as being rude. If you must take a call, step out of the room and find a quiet place to do so.

5) Have Fun!
After all, it is party so it is essential that you enjoy yourself while you’re there. Use it as an opportunity to celebrate the company’s successes in the past year and to showcase your polished social skills. Also before you leave, don’t forget to thank the host, as they will appreciate your gratitude.