5 Ways To Spruce Up Your CV For 2016

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your CV For 2016

Each year, lots of us make New Year’s resolutions in order to make some positive changes for the year ahead. A new job is quite often at the top of people's list, but before you are able to land a new role you will more than likely need to submit a CV.

Many CVs have not been touched for months or even years and are quite often in need of a little TLC.

Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV but by taking on board our 5 pointers below will ensure your CV is revamped in time for 2016...

Check Your Contacts
Since you last updated your CV, have you moved house, changed telephone numbers or created a new email address? If so, make sure each detail is up to date, so a recruiter can get in touch with you easily if you are selected for an interview. Also don’t forget to add any links to professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn or to portfolio websites; as they will help to further enhance your application. But remember to test any hyperlinks beforehand and make sure all content online is suitable for a potential employer’s eyes.

Concentrate On Quality Not Quantity
How long is your CV? If it is more than two pages in length; you need to take a look at what information you can omit. Remove any old or irrelevant work experience that may not be suitable for the sector you’re applying for. By including any irrelevant work experience, it will only weaker your CV.  If you are seeking a new career role altogether, concentrate on any skills and responsibilities which can be transferred to your new career path.  

Tailor It To A Specific Role
Every CV you send should be completely different, even if you are applying for similar roles. The reason behind this is every employer is different and has a unique company culture. A great tip is to draft your CV to feature key words from the job description to further capture the eye of the recruiter.  

Format It Correctly
The layout of your CV will contribute to the first impression that an employer has of you.  To ensure that your CV looks clean and tidy; use the same font, sizing and colour. Also don’t have large paragraphs of text in your CV; the use of bullet points will help to break up any large chunks of text. Also don’t be afraid of having any white space on your CV, this will make it much easier for a potential employer to review your experience. And last but not least, remember to spell check your CV to ensure that it makes grammatical sense.

Explain Any Gaps
While maintaining a good quality CV and not going off on a tangent, it is also important to explain any gaps in your employment history. Having good job longevity is something that all recruiters look for.  For instance if you started a role or a course which was n’t quite right for you, state this on your CV or if you have found yourself out of work, demonstrate how you’ve used that time productively.

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