Twitter is often underestimated as an effective job searching tool. Choosing not to use Twitter during your job hunt can cause you to miss out on career opportunities.  The site provides job seekers with a chance to reach out to employers and increase your online visibility. The platform can give you an edge over other candidates in your job search, and help you find new vacancies that you may not find elsewhere. Here is how you can use Twitter to land a new job!


Twitter provides you with a great opportunity to network. Reach out to other Twitter users who are in the industry you wish to enter, they may be able to alert you to upcoming opportunities or give you useful advice.

Get involved in discussions

Try and join in on any ongoing industry-related discussions on the platform. If you find that a particular topic that interests you is ‘trending’ on Twitter then try and Tweet about it.  Replying to other Tweets can also help to generate discussion and increase your visibility to those on the network. Make sure that if you decide to reply or comment on a Tweet that you remain professional. Offensive language can give the Twitter user a negative impression of you and can also harm your reputation with others in the industry that may also see your comment.

Follow, follow, follow!

Following is a really important element of Twitter. If you follow the right people it can not only help to expand your network, but can also alert you of new vacancies and keep you updated of any changes in your industry. Some companies will Tweet about their new vacancies, so try and follow businesses on Twitter that you’d like to work for. Similarly, following recruitment agencies can help make you aware of new opportunities in your area.

Search hashtags

Many employers who use Twitter to advertise new jobs will use hashtags. Try searching for hashtags such as #hiring, #jobs and #recruitment to find the latest job vacancies. Hashtags are also useful to find any industry related news or discussions and can also increase the visibility of your Tweets to employers.

Maintain your professionalism

If you are using your Twitter account for your personal and professional life make sure that your Tweets remain appropriate and can’t harm your professional reputation.

Showcase your knowledge

Tweeting about industry related topics and Retweeting relevant Tweets will help you to showcase your knowledge to potential employers. Relevant Tweets can also help employers find you on the site and increase your prospects. Employers are increasingly searching social media sites for potential candidates. Keeping your Twitter account up to date with industry related topics can show employers your suitability for the role and help you to land the job.

Schedule Tweets

Maintaining a consistent presence on Twitter can help to increase your visibility on the platform, which can, in turn, increase your visibility to potential employers. If you find that you’re struggling for time to Tweet regularly try and use Tweetdeck to schedule your Tweets. Scheduling Tweets for the upcoming week can help you maintain a regular presence without having spend most of your time on Twitter.

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