7 CV Mistakes That Will Harm Your Employability

7 CV Mistakes That Will Harm Your Employability

The job market is very competitive so it’s really important to get your CV right when applying for a job. Mistakes in your CV can seriously harm your job prospects. Your CV is a great way to showcase your skills and experiences to employers, however, many applicants continue to make the same mistakes. Here are 7 ways your CV could be harming your job search!

1.    Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors can seriously harm your prospects. Spelling mistakes and silly typos can create a bad first impression and lead an employer to question your suitability for a role. Make sure that you proof read your CV before you submit it!

2.    Too Generic

If your CV isn’t personalised to the job you’re applying for you could look unsuitable for a role. Make sure that you adapt your CV to each job and only include relevant skills and experiences. Read the job description thoroughly, as it will highlight exactly what the company is looking for and give you an idea of what to include in your CV.

3.    Bulky Paragraphs

Big bulky paragraphs can make it much harder for a hiring manager to establish exactly what skills and experience you have. Use bullet points to make your CV easier to read. Most hiring managers will spend less than a minute reading each CV, shorter blocks of text will ensure they read everything you have to offer as a candidate.

4.    Failing to State Your Name

A common mistake candidates make is not putting their name on their CV. This can sometimes make it hard to identify an applicant, especially when an employer is given hundreds of CVs to read through. Give yourself the best chance and make sure to include your name on your CV.

5.    Not Including Contact Details

It is surprisingly common for applicants to submit their CV without their contact information. You could be the perfect person for the role, but without a way to contact you, you won’t stand a chance!

6.    Lying

Lots of applicants lie in their CV to look more appealing to potential employers. However, if you lie and an employer finds out it can harm your reputation and put you out of the running for the job and any future vacancies for the company.

7.    Complicated formatting

Big fancy fonts and lots of text boxes in your CV may look great on your PC, but they are not always compatible with other devices and could make your CV appear messy and next to impossible to read. Sometimes less is more! Try to keep your CV format simple to ensure you leave a great first impression with a hiring manager.

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