How to Prepare Your CV for the New Year

How to Prepare Your CV for the New Year

The job market is very competitive in January with lots of people resolving to find a new job and give their career a boost in the New Year. Preparation is essential to a successful job search in 2018 - give yourself a head start and starting preparing your CV now! Here are 6 easy ways to prepare your CV for 2018…

1. Update Your Skills

Add any new skills you’ve developed over the past year to your CV. The more relevant skills and experiences you can demonstrate the better your prospects!

2. Suitable Format

It’s really important that you use a format that is easy to read. Although a fancy CV design may look great, it can also make it really hard to read. A simple format will ensure a hiring manager sees everything you have to offer.

3. Personalise

Tailor your CV to the job you’re applying for. Personalising your CV to a specific company, job or industry will help you to stand out and appear more suitable for a role.

4. Prioritise

Prioritise your skills and experiences! Make sure your most relevant attributes appear near the top of your CV to ensure they aren’t missed by an employer. If you’re unsure which of yours skills are relevant to a role reread the job description as it will give you some idea of what a hiring manager is looking for.

5. Be Concise!

Keep your CV short and sweet. If you find you’ve added lots of new content to your CV, think about removing older less relevant skills or experiences to reduce your word count. Remember, things you can’t fit into your CV can be used later in the application process.

6. Check for Mistakes

Proof read your CV before you submit it. A well written CV will help to showcase your literacy skills and your attention to detail which will, ultimately, improve your prospects. Putting in a little extra effort to check your spelling and grammar will make a huge difference to your job search!

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