5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Land a Job!

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Land a Job!

If you’re not using LinkedIn you are missing out on a great opportunity to expand your professional network and boost your career prospects! LinkedIn allows you to connect with industry experts and puts you in contact with hiring managers, while increasing your online visibility and overall employability. Here are 5 ways LinkedIn can help you find your next job!

Increase your Network

LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network – the bigger your network the better your employment prospects. Individuals in your network can help you with your job search by giving you tips for finding work, connecting you with industry experts or alerting you to new opportunities you may have been unaware of.

Extension of your CV

Your LinkedIn profile is very much an extension of your CV. Your LinkedIn profile would typically include your current and past employment, any awards or achievements, education, skills and interests. Setting up a LinkedIn profile for other professionals to find will help to increase your employment prospects, as you won’t necessarily have to submit a CV to be considered for a role.

Endorse Skills

The platform offers some great features that will help enhance your professional image. When you list your skills and experiences other connections are able to ‘endorse’ you for skills they know you have and task they know you’ve performed well. The more skill endorsements you have, the more impressive your skills will appear and the more you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Resume Assistant

In the next few months LinkedIn will be rolling out their new ‘Resume Assistant’ feature in partnership with Microsoft Word. The feature will let Microsoft Word users connect to LinkedIn when drafting a CV. Users will be prompted to input their job title and industry to cross-reference with other LinkedIn users who are in a similar role, to ensure the contents of your CV is as relevant as possible. Resume Assistant will also provide useful CV tips, while alerting employers that you’re actively looking for work. Be sure to keep an eye out for this new feature in the coming months!

Keep your profile up-to-date

To ensure you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn it’s important to regularly update your profile. Any new skills or experiences can enhance your profile and increase the likelihood of employers finding you on the network!

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