7 Ways to Boost Your Easter Job Hunt

7 Ways to Boost Your Easter Job Hunt

The Easter bank holiday is a great time to start looking for a job, with lots of new vacancies available and more time to spend on applications it’s a great chance to give your career a boost and land a new job. Here are 7 ways to improve your job search this Easter!

Stay positive

It’s difficult to stay focused if you’re rejected for a role but remember to try and stay positive and don’t take it personally. Ask for feedback and use this to adapt your applications and improve your chances elsewhere.

Sign up to job boards

Job boards, such as Monster, Indeed and CV Library, aren’t just a place to search for jobs, they can also help to alert employers that you’re actively looking for work. Registering your CV with a job board can put you in the running for roles you weren’t aware!

Plan your time

It’s important that you plan your time wisely over Easter. If you have long applications to complete ensure that you’re giving yourself enough time to complete them to a high standard. Be realistic with your time; if you know you’re going to be busy don’t plan on completing an application essay at the same time!

Refresh your CV

Remember to refresh your CV before you start applying for jobs. If you’ve had any new experiences or gained new skills over the past 12 months add them to your CV to boost your prospects and improve your search.

Register with recruitment agencies

Registering your CV with recruitment agencies will put you in the running for new roles they have available, this will help to reduce the time it takes for you to find a job and you’ll be considered for roles you may never have been aware of.

Connect with friends and family

Lots of us will be meeting up with friends and family over the Easter holidays. Use this time to your advantage and tell them about your job search, they may be aware of new opportunities or could put you in contact with someone who can help you with your job hunt.

Take a time out

Make time to relax and step away from your job search! Overwhelming yourself with lots of job applications can demotivate you and the quality of your applications will suffer.