More CV Tips



More CV Tips

When writing your CV you should include any special project which may be of interest and give an indication of the skills you used, e.g., working in a team on projects, using communication skills in seminars, etc.

Do not list any qualifications or training which you attempted and failed or failed to complete.

Achievements & Interests:

Tell the reader a little bit about yourself as a person.

They will be particularly interested in activities where you have leadership or responsibility (e.g. responsibilities at college, membership of any clubs or societies), or which involve you in relating to others in a team (sports, pub quiz team, neighbourhood committee, etc.).

Include any competitions that you have won or awards that you have gained.

A one-person interest, such as stamp-collecting, is not of interest to an employer unless it connects with the work you wish to do.

Give only enough detail to explain. (If you were captain of a sports team, they do not want to know the exact date you started, how many games you played, and how many wins you had! They will ask at the interview, if they are interested.)

If you have published any articles, jointly or by yourself, give details.
If you have been involved in any type of volunteer work, do give details.

And finally, more than half of the CVs received at Baxter Personnel contain simple spelling or grammatical errors - something which does not send out a great message to a potential employer. So proof read it yourself, carefully, and, as a final check, it is a great idea to ask someone else to read your CV for you.

Good Luck with your job search...!