How To Get Over First Day Fear & Make A Good Impression

How To Get Over First Day Fear & Make A Good Impression

Starting a new job is an exciting prospect as it can be filled with endless possibilities, although it can leave you feeling stressed as you’ll also be entering into the world of the unknown.

However if you start off on a good foot, you can set yourself up for success in your new role.  If you are looking to ace your first day (or week!) in a new job, take a look at our handy guide below:

Be An Early Bird
There is nothing worse than arriving at a new workplace, unsure of where you need to go or who need to meet and not leaving enough time to get there.  To avoid this situation set off half an hour earlier than you normally would, so you can walk into your new workplace with plenty of time on your hands and feeling far less flustered.

Bring Supplies
You may assume that your workspace will be fully set up on your first day, however you may encounter hiccups once you arrive at your desk. To ensure you are fully prepared for the day ahead, invest in some essential items such as a pen and a notepad to set you up for the day and leave you feeling more prepared. 

Always Take Notes
So this is where the pen and paper comes in handy; as you will be expected to digest a lot of information on day one.  Make a note of any key procedures, systems and your daily workload which will come in handy at a later stage. Also try to take down anyone’s name who works in close proximity to you; as this will result in less embarrassment on your part later on down the line.

Have Lunch With Colleagues
Being open and friendly with your colleagues is a great place to start as they will be more inclined your help you out and show you the ropes if you are seen as approachable.  Taking your lunch alongside your co-workers will help you to get you know them a little better socially which will in turn help you out professionally.

Ask Questions
Don’t worry no one expects you to know every single detail of your job on your first day or even during your first week. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss too many questions, after all they will be relieved that you are confident enough to put your hand up when you are unsure, rather than sit in silence and struggle.

Be Patient With Yourself (And Others)
It’s important to give yourself a little time when you start a new job; after all Rome wasn’t built in a day. Also be careful not to make any kneejerk reactions about a new job as it can sometimes be a slow process before your get into the thick of it. Remember to be patient with others who maybe training you, as they maybe feeling under pressure themselves to provide you with all the right information.

Nerves Are Normal
Last but no means least, remember feeling anxious on the first day of a new job is completely normal, even for the most confident among us. Your colleagues will understand how you are feeling and will be on hand to help you out as much as possible.  Don’t be afraid to share your fears with your manager as they will be likely to put you at ease.

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