5 job search tips...


5 job search tips...

Job searching can sometimes be a daunting process, and depending on how you approach it you may struggle to find what you are looking for. Here are 5 tips that can keep you pro active in your job searching and help you to find your perfect match.

1. Search multiple job boards - Try not to stick to one job board. Broaden your search by searching multiple boards and recruitment websites regularly as they are updated daily with new positions. 

2. Utilise your connections - Use any friends, work colleagues & clients. Network with people in your industry that could show an interest in your work, recommend you to their employer or advise you of positions you could potentially apply for.  

3. Look in hidden places - Jobs may not always be under your nose. Look in newspapers, on social media websites, ask around, look on company websites or contact agencies for potential roles that could be coming up. 

4. Don't wait for them to come to you - If you have applied for a job and not heard anything back, give them a call. Making that extra effort to show your interest in the role could be the difference between you not hearing back and you getting an interview. 

5. Stay positive - it's highly likely that you will get rejected from at least one job you have applied for before you are even offered an interview, nevermind a position. Don't let this put you off. Stay positive and motivated, it will show employers you have confidence, motivation and willingness to work hard.


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