Climb The Career Ladder: How To Gain Promotion

Climb The Career Ladder: How To Gain Promotion

If you have recently been thinking about furthering your career, a promotion is a great way to do so. But before you move up the ladder, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can succeed in your current role.

If you are seeking promotion, you need to strike the balance of being a key team member but also ensuring that you are able to self-promote your skills.

Even if you are not currently seeking a promotion in your role, these following tips can still help you become a more valuable employee:

1) Know Your Goal
If you are looking to gain promotion, it is important that you plan where you want to go.  You will need to consider the various requirements needed to make the next step in your career. Ensuring that you have a clear plan of action will only put you good standing in achieving your goals.

2) Get Qualified
To gain promotion, you may need to consider gaining new skills or qualifications. You can discuss this in your appraisal with your manager, as your current employer maybe able to help you achieve your objectives.  

3) Be Positive
Having a positive mind set in any situation can only result in positive situations coming your way. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with different personalities in the workplace, but demonstrating that you can approach each task and person with a positive attitude will only put you in good stead with your employer.

4) Go The Extra Mile
Being the best you can be in your current role is a great start in getting noticed at work. But by going the extra mile by taking on additional responsibilities or volunteering to stay to finish a vital project will only increase your value as an employee.

5) Be a Team Player
While gaining a promotion maybe beneficial to you as an individual, demonstrating your work within a team can only highlight your best qualities. Being a good team player can only increase your reputation amongst colleagues and in your industry. And remember when things don’t go to plan, don’t blame others, work together to find a solution which is best for everyone.

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