The Parallels Between Recruitment & Romance

The Parallels Between Recruitment & Romance

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means that couples up and down the land will be getting in the mood to romance their significant other.

There are a lot of similarities between the worlds of recruitment and romance which may just surprise you!

Take a look at our five pointers below on how you can apply the rules of dating to job searching…

‘There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea’
If you are currently seeking a new role, you are in a great position to do so as the UK unemployment figure is currently at its lowest for 10 years and more companies are hiring staff. Likewise to dating, you also have lots of options available when it comes to choosing a career which is right for you. So before you go your separate way from a current employer it pays off to conduct some vital research before you make your next big move. 

‘Give It Time’
Similar to finding the perfect partner, job searching can sometimes require a little patience. Remember landing the ideal job doesn’t often happen overnight and the process can sometimes take several months. To say motivated during your job search; set achievable goals and focus on your accomplishments, such as receiving positive feedback after a telephone interview.

‘First Impressions Count’
If you’re going on a first date, you will be eager to impress your suitor by dressing smartly and ensuring that you keep the conversation flowing. The same applies for a job interview as first impressions do count! Remember to arrive on time, be organised and ensure you make an essential connection with a potential employer.

‘I Enjoyed Meeting You’
Just like the importance of connecting with a romantic interest after an initial date, it’s essential to following up with the recruiter after a job interview. Drop your interviewer a quick email a couple of hours later to demonstrate that you appreciate their time and look forward to receiving their feedback from your interview.

‘Don’t Rush Into It’
In the very same way as not committing to relationship after a first date, you don’t need to rush into a decision about accepting a job offer.  Remember it’s best to weigh up your options before rushing into any major decisions and if the role isn’t right for you; the recruiter will appreciate your honesty.

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