5 Things Stopping You Finding Your Perfect Job

5 Things Stopping You Finding Your Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job is extremely difficult. With so many roles out there, all requiring different skills and levels of experience, it can be hard to find the right job for you. Here are 5 things stopping you finding your perfect job!

Failing to look at the bigger picture…

When you’re applying for a new job it’s important that you think about the long-term impact the role will have on your career. Taking a role simply because it has a higher salary may have some great short-term benefits but can have a negative impact in the long-run, especially if the pay is the only thing that actually interests you about the job! If you decide to take a job simply for the immediate rather than long-term benefits it can have an impact on your productivity, your motivation and, ultimately, your career prospects.

Going it alone

Asking for advice and reaching out to your professional and personal network isn’t a sign of weakness. Asking for career advice and job hunting tips can help to improve your prospects and help you land your next role. Your network can also alert you to new and upcoming job opportunities that may never be formally advertised. Choosing to job hunt alone can mean that you miss out on the perfect opportunity.

Lack of organisation

Organisation is key to finding the perfect job! Creating a plan of action for your job search can help save you time and ensure you aren’t applying for the same job more than once. Keeping a written record can help you to identify what you are and aren’t looking for from a role.


It’s important that when you’re looking for your next job you take your time to fully establish what it is you’re looking for. Taking some time to seriously think about what it is you want out of your career will make it much easier to establish the type of job you want. This will help to speed up your job search as well as help you to find your perfect job. Acting too quickly, applying to everything and anything and taking the first job that becomes available may help you in the short-term but won’t help you find your perfect job - you’ll be more likely to end up with a job you hate.

Limiting your search

Just because you’ve only ever worked in one industry sector doesn’t mean you can’t use the skills you’ve developed in another role. Many of the skills you’ve gained could be transferrable and limiting your job hunt to one industry because that’s ‘what you know’ can make you overlook job opportunities that you’d be perfect for.

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