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Summer is a great time to find a new job. Whether you’re a school leaver, you’re on a break or simply looking for a change there are lots of great job opportunities to be found at this time of year. Here are our top 7 tips for finding a job this summer!


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Writing a good application is essential to your job search! Whether it’s a CV, cover letter, essay or form an application is key to landing your next job. A well-written, relevant application will help you to stand out from the crowd and show an employer that you’re a great fit for the job! Here are 7 ways to write an effective application…


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A cover letter can make a big difference to the success of your application. Your letter is a great opportunity to write about skills and experiences you’ve missed in your CV without exceeding the word count. A persuasive cover letter can make a big difference to your application. Here are 10 dos and don’ts to help you write an effective cover letter!


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Interviews can be very stressful with nerves running high. It’s really important to try and stay calm to ensure you give a good first impression and answer questions effectively. Here are our top 5 tips to beat interview nerves!


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There is a lot of competition when you’re applying for a job, with hundreds of people applying for one role it’s really important to stand out from the crowd. A well written, easy to read CV can have a big impact on your application and can help you to secure your next role. Here are 6 simple ways to make your CV stand out!


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Job descriptions are a really useful tool to help you perfect a job application. It will outline the skills and qualities an employer is looking for and act as a guide to help you write a relevant and high quality application! Here are 6 ways to use a job description to your advantage…


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Developing your personal brand is a great way to help you improve your career prospects. Your personal brand is the way in which you present and market yourself to others, from friends and family to clients and colleagues. Building up a positive reputation will help you appear more attractive to an employer and increase your employment opportunities. Here are 9 ways to improve your personal brand and give your career a boost…


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Staying organised is key to a successful job search, knowing what you’ve applied for and when will save you a lot of time, reduce stress and help you stay focused throughout your search. Here are 5 ways to stay organised during your job search!


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Are you looking for a rewarding career in sales? - 12/04/18

We’ve been super busy here at Baxter Personnel and are now looking to add eight Recruitment Sales Consultants to join our team at the Head Office in Darlington. We are hosting an Assessment Day for driven and success-hungry individuals who have an interest in sales and recruitment industry.


RecruitmentSalesCareer OpportunityJobsSales Consultants


Your CV is one of the most important elements of a job application so it’s important to get it right. Long paragraphs, complex designs and irrelevant skills and experiences will have a negative impact on your job application and could be harming your prospects. Here are 7 ways to format your CV to help you land your next job…


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Pension Contribution Changes 2018 - 04/04/18

On 6th April 2018 the minimum contribution for automatic enrolment will increase. This could mean a change in the total you’re contributing to your pension. These changes aim to help ensure that all workers have a sufficient pension when they retire with minimum contributions set to increase to 8% by 2019. Here is what you need to know about these changes…


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Our opening hours will be changing for the bank holiday, here are our opening hours over the Easter break...


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The Easter bank holiday is a great time to start looking for a job, with lots of new vacancies available and more time to spend on applications it’s a great chance to give your career a boost and land a new job. Here are 7 ways to improve your job search this Easter!


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National Minimum Wage (NMW) and National Living Wage (NLW) are changing, with workers seeing the biggest increase in over a decade. Here is what you need to know and how you could be affected…


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Typically, a CV should be no longer than two pages to help keep a hiring manager engaged. It’s estimated that on average an employer will only spend around 30 seconds reading a CV, so it’s vital that you keep your CV short and sweet to ensure they don’t miss any key skills and experiences. Here are 6 ways to shorten a long CV…


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Big Job Boost As Baxter Personnel Recruit Hundreds Of Roles In Sheppey For Aldi... - 13/03/18

Supermarket giant, Aldi are set to yet again create hundreds of new jobs as they open another brand new £50million Distribution Centre, in Sheppey, Kent. Baxter Personnel will once again be responsible for conducting the recruitment for the new Distribution Centre, as well as continuing to work with them on their Stores and Commercial campaigns up and down the UK...


Aldi Kent Distribution CentreAldi SheppeyBaxter Personnel KentKent JobsRecruitment Agency Kent


An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills and gain a qualification outside of the traditional classroom. If you find that you’re lacking experience or that you want to expand your skillset, but don’t want to go back to school, an apprenticeship could be a great option for you! Here are 8 reasons to consider an apprenticeship…


ApprenticeshipCareer DevelopmentNAW18TrainingJob Prospects


Preparation is key to a successful interview; it can impact the quality of your answers, boost your confidence and help you to stand out from the crowd. Lack of preparation can lead to awkward silences, unnecessary nerves and it could cause you to miss out on a great opportunity. Do you think you’re prepared? Here are 6 questions you should be asking yourself before your next interview…


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Video interviews have increased in popularity with many employers over the past few years, so it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll take part in one during your job search. Video interviews can be pre-recorded and sent to the employer or they can be carried out in real time in a very similar way to a traditional face-to-face interview. Here are our top ten tips for acing a video interview and landing your next job!


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Cover letters are a great tool to help you persuade employers that you’re suitable for a role and will allow you to highlight any skills and experiences that you’ve not mentioned in your CV. However, a generalised, lengthy and repetitive cover letter can harm your job prospects. Ensuring your letter is well-structured and personalised can help you to stand out from the crowd and boost your prospects. Here are 5 cover letter mistakes that could be harming your job search!


Cover letterApplication AdviceEmployment ProspectsJob SeekerCareer


If you’re not using LinkedIn you are missing out on a great opportunity to expand your professional network and boost your career prospects! LinkedIn allows you to connect with industry experts and puts you in contact with hiring managers, while increasing your online visibility and overall employability. Here are 5 ways LinkedIn can help you find your next job!


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Interviews are an unavoidable part of the recruitment process and are the source of a huge amount of stress for a lot of candidates. Interview preparation can go a long way to reducing your nerves, improving your confidence and increasing your chance of landing a job! Here are 7 preparation tips that will help you ace your next interview!


InterviewEmploymentInterview PreparationCareer AdviceInterview Questions


January is the time of year when people start to take stock of their career, leading many to question what they actually achieved the previous year and how they can improve. The New Year is a great time to start looking at bad habits that could be harming your prospects and changing your approach to your job search. Here are 5 New Year resolutions that will help you land your next job!


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7 TIPS FOR FINDING WORK IN 2018 - 05/01/18

It’s really common to make a resolution to find a new job in the New Year, which means there is a lot of competition when applying for a role. With the high volume of applicants in January it’s really important to get your job search off to a great start! Here are 7 tips for finding work this year!


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The job market is very competitive in January with lots of people resolving to find a new job and give their career a boost in the New Year. Preparation is essential to a successful job search in 2018 - give yourself a head start and starting preparing your CV now! Here are 6 easy ways to prepare your CV for 2018…


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How to Boost Your Career Prospects Over Christmas - 20/12/17

Although it’s really tempting to sit back, relax and put your job search off until the New Year, you’ll be missing out on some great employment opportunities. Here are 5 ways you can boost your career prospects over the Christmas period!


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With winter fast approaching and snow on the ground, it can be really hard to stay motivated at work. Here are our top tips to improve your performance at working over the winter months!


MotivationWinterAt WorkEmploymentProductivity


There are lots of advantages of looking for a new job this month, with many new temporary and permanent vacancies and less competition, December is a really good time of year to be searching for your next role. If you choose to put your search off until the New Year you’ll miss out on lots of great career opportunities. Here are 5 benefits of job hunting this December!


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Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and you’re career isn’t going anywhere? Here are 8 ways to give your career a boost!


EmploymentCareer DevelopmentProspectsJob ProgressionJob Satisfaction


Lots of employers will decide whether or not you’re suitable for a role within 30 seconds of reading your CV. Therefore, keeping your CV concise is key, to ensure a hiring manager sees everything you have to offer as a candidate. Here are our top tips for beating the 30 seconds test and boosting your prospects!


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Lots of candidates make the mistake of waiting until December to find a Christmas job. Although it might seem too early to be thinking of Christmas, most businesses will advertise and hire for their Christmas roles before December, so if you choose to wait you’ll miss out on most opportunities! Here are the best ways to find a Christmas job this year!


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Social media is a really effective tool for a job seeker. Social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can increase your employability and help you to connect with employers. Here are 5 advantages to using social media during your job search…


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A group interview is designed to help an employer gauge how effectively you can work in a team and give you an opportunity to showcase your skills through group activities. It’s becoming more common for employers to hold group interviews alongside traditional one-on-one interviews, so it’s important to ensure that you stand out from a crowd. Here’s 6 ways to stand out in your next group interview!


Group InterviewCareerInterview PrepatationApplicationsJob Search


Temporary jobs are a great way to develop your skills, earn some extra cash and get your foot in the door. Don’t be put off by a role because it’s temporary, some temporary positions will have the prospect of turning into a permanent job. Here’s 6 ways to help you turn your temporary job into something longer term…


ApplicationEmployabilityTemporary WorkWork ExperienceSkill Development


Not all companies will simply accept a CV when you’re applying for a role, many will ask you to fill out an application form before they’ll consider you. Application forms can be daunting but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your form is completed to a high standard and help you to stand out as an applicant. Here are 7 ways to perfect your next job application!


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As more of us go online to search for jobs, there has been an increase in applicants falling for employment scams and finding themselves in debt rather than landing their dream job. With an estimated 10% of job hunters now falling victim to employment scams, it’s more important than ever to know what to watch out for when you’re searching for your next job. Here are 6 red flags to look out for during your job search to ensure you don’t become a victim to an employment scam!


Job SearchApplication AdviceEmploymentJob huntCareer Move


A cover letter is a great way to add a little something extra to a job application, it can help persuade hiring managers of your suitability for a role and encourage them to progress your application. If written well, a personalised cover letter can make a significant difference to your job search. Here are 7 simple ways to write a cover letter that will help you land your next job!


Cover LetterEmploymentJob ApplicationCareerNew Job


Just because you have an employment gap in your CV doesn’t mean that you’re unemployable! The daunting task of trying to find a job after a long period of unemployment can make you feel overwhelmed and you may find yourself putting off your job search for fear of rejection. Here are our 8 tips for breaking free of long-term unemployment and securing your next job!


UnemploymentApplication AdviceJob SearchEmployabilityCareer Prospects


In a highly competitive job market, with hundreds of people applying for one job, it is essential that your CV stands out. No matter what industry you’re looking to enter a CV is your chance to prove to an employer that you’re suitable for a role and create a great first impression. A long, unstructured and badly formatted CV will make it much harder for an employer to read and likely lose you the job. Here are 6 ways to make your CV stand out and improve your employment prospects!


CVEmploymentJob ApplicationProspectsJob hunting


It’s not always what you know but who you know when it comes to landing your perfect job. Networking is a great way to gain connections to help boost your career prospects, the more connections you've got the more opportunities you‘ll have when it comes to looking for your next job. Here are 5 ways to network your way to a new job!


EmploymentNetworkingSocial NetworkingJob SearchProspects


An interview is one of the most important elements of the application process. Interviews give you the opportunity to convince an employer that you’re perfect for the role and help you to stand out from other applicants. Lots of interview mistakes are easily avoidable and will make a huge difference to the success of your application. Here are 10 of the worst things you can do at an interview!


InterviewsEmploymentPreparationNew JobInterview Success


Finding the perfect job is extremely difficult. With so many roles out there, all requiring different skills and levels of experience, it can be hard to find the right job for you. Here are 5 things stopping you finding your perfect job!


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Baxter Personnel become Official Recruitment Partner for Middlesbrough F.C. - 04/08/17

Baxter Personnel are excited to announce they are now Official Recruitment Partner of Middlesbrough Football Club for the 2017/18 season, extending their already strong ties to the club as the recruiter looks to further evolve its success on Teesside.


Official Recruitment PartnerMiddlesbrough Football Club JobsMFC RecruitmentBaxter Personnel MiddlesbroughMiddlesbrough Jobs


Facebook is a great way to increase your job prospects. It can help you find job vacancies that you won’t find anywhere else and allow you to network with hiring managers. However, due to the informal nature of the site candidates can sometimes come across as unprofessional or unsuitable. Here are 6 key dos and don’ts when using Facebook to improve your prospects and help you find your next job!


Social MediaFacebookSocial NetworkingJob SearchingCareer Prospects


Lots of applicants don’t take telephone interviews seriously, often not seeing them as important as face-to-face interviews. However, telephone interviews can have a huge impact on your success and are crucial to the progression of your application. Here are our top 10 tips to help you succeed in your next telephone interview!


InterviewTelephone InterviewLand a JobProfessionalismPreparation


Creating a good work-life balance can be difficult, especially when the internet makes it so easy to start working from home. However, blurring the lines between your professional and personal life can lead to bad health, poor quality work and, ultimately, make you resent your job. Here’s the most effective ways to strike a better work-life balance!


Work-Life BalanceAt WorkCareer Advice StressJob Satisfaction


Having no work experience is a big issue for a lot of job seekers. However, lack of work experience doesn’t have to be the downfall of your job search. A well written CV can go a long way to improve your prospects and get employers to overlook your experience. Here is how to write a CV to land a job without work experience!


CVWork ExperienceApplicationsWriting a CVJob hunting


Cover letters are a great way to persuade an employer of your suitability for a role. A well written cover letter can help you stand out and progress in the application process. However, a generic and badly written cover letter will damage your prospects. Here are 7 common cover letter mistakes to avoid!


Cover LetterApplication AdviceNew JobJob huntProspects


It’s really tempting to just sit back and relax over the summer, but you’re missing out on a great opportunity to expand your experience, earn some extra cash and improve your career prospects! A summer job can significantly improve your employability and help you to progress your career. Here are 6 benefits of getting a job this summer!


Summer InternshipWork ExperienceRecruitmentNetworkingCareer Prospects


Interviews are all about creating a great first impression and persuading an employer to hire you. The job market is highly competitive and most hiring managers interview multiple people for one role, so it’s really important for you to stand out in your interview. Here are 5 ways you can stand out from the crowd in an interview!


Interview AdviceNew JobInterview PreparationJob SearchLand A Job


The job market is very competitive so it’s really important to get your CV right when applying for a job. Mistakes in your CV can seriously harm your job prospects. Your CV is a great way to showcase your skills and experiences to employers, however, many applicants continue to make the same mistakes. Here are 7 ways your CV could be harming your job search!


CVApplication AdviceJob SearchCareerNew Job


Twitter is often underestimated as an effective job searching tool. Choosing not to use Twitter during your job hunt can cause you to miss out on career opportunities. The site provides job seekers with a chance to reach out to employers and increase your online visibility. The platform can give you an edge over other candidates in your job search, and help you find new vacancies that you may not find elsewhere. Here is how you can use Twitter to land a new job!


Social MediaTwitterNew JobCareerTweeting

Baxter Personnel Recruit Store positions for Aldi across the UK - 25/05/17

Over the last few years, Baxter Personnel have developed a thriving bond with supermarket giants Aldi, already having worked closely on several Aldi recruitment projects at some of Aldi’s large scale distribution centres. The agency is now working with Aldi on a Managed Service basis to fill 100’s roles in its stores including Deputy Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers and Store Managers across the country...


Aldi StoresAldi RecruitmentStore Manager JobsSupermarket RecruitmentRetail Recruitment


Lots of us face the problem of having no idea what type of job they’re looking for, making searching for a new role stressful and time consuming. When you’re faced with thousands of jobs to read through and not knowing what it is you’re looking for, you can find yourself feeling lost and overwhelmed. Here are 6 questions you should be asking yourself when looking for your next role to help you narrow down your search and choose a career path that best suites you.


Job huntingCareer adviceIdeal jobJob seekersPerfect job


Stress can affect both your work and personal life. Despite the pressure you may be facing at work there are steps you can take to help reduce your stress levels to ensure you remain healthy and at your best. Here are 8 steps you can take to help you deal with stress at work!


StressHealthWorkplaceWork Life BalanceCareer Advice

Baxter Personnel recruit for IPN on sole supplier agreement - 12/05/17

For over 5 years, Baxter Personnel have been working closely and recruiting for Inspired Pet Nutrition (also formerly known as Wagg Foods) at their production facility at Dalton Airfield, near Thirsk, North Yorkshire. As both companies continue to grow and expand, the need for dedicated and effective recruitment was essential for IPN to progress after the pet food manufacturer’s 7 million pound investment in production facilities...


Inspired Pet NutritionWagg FoodsHarringtonsSole Supplier AgreementLarge Scale Recruitment


Looking for a new job is time consuming and can quickly become tedious. Keeping yourself motivated during your search will help to improve the quality of your applications and your prospects. Here are our top tips for staying motivated when searching for a new job!


Job SearchNew JobMotivationProspectsLooking for work


Whether it is your first or your twentieth job the first week is always nerve wracking. With the pressure of making a good impression, fitting in with your co-workers and having to absorb lots of new information your first week can be overwhelming. Here are 7 things you can do to get your new job off to a great start!


New JobFirst DayCareer AdviceEmploymentFirst Week Nerves


Interviews are stressful and you don’t always know what to expect. Reducing your nerves and remaining calm during an interview and can help to dramatically improve your performance and help you to appear more confident in front of an employer. Here are the top 5 ways that you can reduce your nerves before an interview and create a great first impression!


InterviewNervesEmployabilityCareer AdviceInterview Preparation


Finding your ideal job is time consuming and can be frustrating, especially if you have no idea what type of job you’re looking for. With most job applications now being submitted online it has become far easier to apply for jobs and has resulted in much higher volumes of applicants per job, so its important to stand out. Here are 10 tips for improving your job search!


Job SearchProspectsApplicationsCVJob Seekers


Changing jobs can be daunting, but it becomes a lot harder when you try to move job sectors. You will likely face the problem and lack of experience and it can become very frustrating. Here are 7 tips to help you successfully change job sectors and land you your dream job!


Job SectorsChange industriesSkillsResearchCareer Change


Many hiring managers will spend less than a minute reading a CV. A well-structured and easy to read CV can give a great first impression and improve your employment prospects. Here are 8 ways to format your CV to help improve your employability!


EmployabilityCV formatCV AdviceCareerJob Seekers


LinkedIn is a great way to increase your online presence and improve your employability. Recruiters are increasingly looking at candidates LinkedIn profiles when reviewing applications. The site gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and experiences, and allows you to expand your professional connections. However, people are making the same mistakes and not getting the most out of the network. Here are 6 things to avoid when using LinkedIn!


LinkedInSocial MediaEmployabilityOnline PresenceNetwork


Video interviews have become more popular with employers in recent years. Whether is it a live video interview via skype or pre-recorded it is important to take it seriously. Just because the hiring manager is not in the room with you it doesn’t mean it is any less formal. In fact videos allow employers to watch an interview more than once and pick up on things they may not have picked up on during a normal face-to-face interview. Here is how you can nail your Skype / video interview!


InterviewCareer AdviceSkype InterviewInterview PreparationRecorded Interview


Over 60% of job seekers find networking essential to their job search. Not all vacancies will be publically advertised and having a connection in a company can help to alert you of opportunities that may never have been available without your network. Networking is a great way to develop relationships and make you a more attractive prospect to hiring managers, who have been made aware of your expertise as a result of your networking efforts. Here are 7 ways to help you network like a pro!


NetworkingCareer AdviceJob SeekersConnectionsJob Opportunities


Considering an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships are available in a wide variety of industries, from fashion to engineering and offer a great way to break into a profession and earn while you learn! An apprentice can be a recent school leaver, someone looking to expand their skill set or an individual wanting to enter a new industry. Here are 6 advantages to starting an apprenticeship!


ApprenticeshipsCareer AdviceApprentice MentoringJob seekers


National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage are changing! As of 1st April 2017 both will be increasing to help offset inflation and keep up with the rise in the average cost of living in the UK. Here is what you need to know and how you could be affected.


National Minimum WageNational Living WageWagesPay rateEmployment


Psychometric tests are often used to help give a hiring manager an idea of your personality, aptitude and overall suitability for a role. Each business has its own culture and way of thinking. These tests help to reflect how well an individual would fit in with this environment objectively. Psychometric testing helps to eliminate potential biases that could be present in the recruitment process. However, they are not meant to replace the interview process or need for a CV. Testing is simply an aid for employers to use alongside these traditional recruitment processes to help to determine your suitability for a role. Here are 7 tips that can help you to complete a psychometric test effectively and help increase your chance of success.


Personality TestsAptitude TestsCareer AdvicePsychometric TestingEmployability


You don’t always have to apply to be considered for a potential role. These days, employers and recruitment agencies are utilising online CV databases, and even social media to search for prospective candidates that may be suitable. This means that you could be put in the running for a job, as a result of your online presence, without even having to directly apply for the role. It is essential that you increase your visibility with employers when looking for a new opportunity or you could be missing out on some great openings! Here are 6 ways you can increase your visibility with employers and improve your chances of securing a job.


Online VisibilityEmployabilityJob HuntCareer AdviceJob Search


Doing some research into a company before an interview, or even before applying for a role, will help to give you a good idea of what the business is looking for and if you are a good fit. A job may look perfect for you from the description, but on closer inspection of the company it’s just not what you’re looking for. Carrying out research before an interview can help you to determine if this is a role you’re truly interested in, and can save both yourself and the company time if it is, ultimately, not the job for you. Researching a company before an interview will help give you a good framework of their culture and what they are looking for in an employee. Here are 6 things to research before an interview that can help you stand out from the crowd and wow the hiring manager!


ResearchCareer Advice Interview PerparationJob seekersResearching a role

Artificial Intelligence Streamlines Recruitment at Baxter Personnel - 03/02/17

Baxter Personnel are excited to introduce Artificial Intelligence into our recruitment process. This comes as we evolve the business even further, and it becomes a vital part in retaining the right candidates to build sustainable businesses....


Artificial IntelligenceAI RecruitmentRecruitment AgencyCandidate Pre-Screening


Performing well in an interview is vital to securing a job. Lack of preparation and knowledge of the job role can seriously harm your chances of success. Want to ace your next interview? Here are 8 ways you can improve your performance in an interview to help land you the job!


Interview performanceCareer adviceInterview preparationHiringJob seeking


Employers will, on average, spend less than a minute looking over a job application. Writing a good cover letter is essential to grabbing their attention and putting you in with a chance of landing the job. Over 50% of hiring managers have stated that a cover letter is essential to an applications success. Time and time again candidates are making the same mistakes and damaging their employability. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t do when writing your cover letter!


Cover letterCareer Advice Application helpJob seekers Applying for a job

10 CV MISTAKES TO AVOID - 17/01/17

A CV is an employer’s first impression of you and first impressions are everything! Many of us are making the same mistakes when writing CVs, which, ultimately, harms your employability. Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid when writing your CV to boost your chance of success.


Curriculum VitaeCV advice Career Advice Improve your CVCV help


Many employers have begun to Google potential candidates before offering them an interview. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for you to make sure what you put online about yourself is suitable and can’t harm your reputation. Simply changing your privacy settings is not always enough, and instead, there is a growing need for individuals to generate content online that best reflects their skills and knowledge. Social media offers a great opportunity to showcase your skills to potential employers and connect with industry leaders. Here are 6 ways that you can improve your social media presence and boost your employability.



Did you end 2016 feeling under accomplished and floundering? Looking for a new job for the New Year? Setting yourself these 6 simple resolutions this year can help you to kick start your career and ensure that 2017 is the best yet!


Career2017 Job MarketResolutionsNew Year Job search


With the New Year comes the desire for a fresh start, with resolutions for improvement and for many, the aspiration of a new job. Although January presents job seekers with great opportunities it is also highly competitive – after all, if you’ve thought about starting a new year with a new job its likely others have too. Here are 4 simple steps you can follow to make sure you hit the ground running with your 2017 job search.


2017 job hunt Job searchNew Year CareerJob hunting

Christmas Opening Hours 2016 - 21/12/16

Our office hours will be changing over the Christmas period. Here is a list of our opening hours over the festive season.


Opening hoursOpening TimesChristmas Opening times Office Hours Branch opening hours


There are all sorts of theories online for improving your productivity at work, from taking miracle pills to completely avoiding things at work that you don’t like. However, over 60% of individuals in the UK have confessed that they don’t like their jobs at all and, therefore, avoiding your job completely would be counterproductive. Instead, we’ve come up with 7 easy steps that will help you to be more productive in the workplace.


Productivity WorkplaceBe more productive Improve quality Career


With all of the talk of Christmas it can be very easy to neglect your search for jobs over the festive period; after all putting up a Christmas tree is far more entertaining than filling out application forms. However, perseverance in your job hunt over the holiday season can be highly rewarding, giving you an edge over those who give into the festivities and choose to put off their application until the New Year. Here are four ways to make sure you sleigh the job market this Christmas!


NetworkingJob marketjob seekingCareerChristmas Jobs


It is very tempting to take a pause on your job search over the festive season. However the period offers great opportunities to get ahead of your competition and bring in the New Year with your dream job. Here are 4 key reasons why continuing your search over the festive season will be rewarding.


Christmas JobsFestive JobsCareerJob seekersJob hunting


Many find the prospect of turning down a job daunting, and worry about getting a negative reaction from the hiring manager when breaking the news. You may need to turn down a job for a variety of reasons such as moving house, personal issues, or some are lucky enough to have received multiple jobs offers. Whatever the reasons, rejecting a role can be stressful. Here are 6 steps to follow to help you gracefully turn down a job offer.


Job offerTurn down a jobCareerJob rejectionNew job

5 Personality Traits Employers Seek - 25/10/16

For companies to be successful, they need to hire the right people. It might sound simple enough; however when faced with several competent and equally qualified potential employees, a hiring manager will look towards an individual’s personal traits to make the final decision. The recruiter needs reassurance that the person who they are hiring will not only be competent enough to perform key duties but will also fit in with the company’s culture. To make it a little easier for you to judge what an employee is looking for in a candidate, we have compiled a list of some of the most sought-after characteristics…


CareerEmployeesPersonality TraitsJob Interview Recruitment

Baxter Personnel Hit the Big Smoke as the London Branch Lands! - 18/10/16

As Baxter Personnel builds even more momentum, the business has gained further large scale recruitment contracts this year in and around the London area. Baxter Personnel is proud to announce it has opened its very first London branch.


London Recruitment AgencyBaxter Personnel LondonMayfair recruitmentNational recruitment agencyBusiness Growth

Research Like A Pro: How To Ace Your Interview Prep - 18/10/16

When it comes to flourishing in job interviews, preparation is the key. Of course, each recruitment process differs, but by being organised and spending some time conducting research, this can lead you onto the road of success. But what activities should you being doing beforehand to prepare? To ensure that you are not caught off guard, here are six ways you can ace you interview prep…


Job InterviewInterview PrepRecruitmentJob Application

The Secret To Gaining More Responsibility At Work - 11/10/16

You’ve now been in your role for a while, you’ve managed to ace your current duties and your employer seems happy with your progress. However you are now ready to make the next step and take on more. After all, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to take on additional responsibilities is a great way to grow both professionally and personally. But how do you gain extra responsibilities in the workplace? Our five steps will guide you on how to take on more professional challenges…


WorkplaceResponsibility CareerJobWork

Your Workplace Pension FAQs Answered - 04/10/16

October 1st saw the government implement some changes for workers. For instance, the National Minimum Wage for those under 25 went up to £6.95 per hour and the Apprentice hourly wage rose to £3.40 per hour. For some workers, it also meant that they were automatically enrolled into a workplace pension by their employer. If you are wondering how a workplace pension will affect you, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions in our handy FAQ guide…


PensionAuto Enrollment WorkplaceEmployeesJob

Need To Write An Article For LinkedIn? We Show You How! - 27/09/16

Composing a LinkedIn article is a great way to gain exposure from potential employers and other business professionals. Your published piece can demonstrate that you have a real passion for a particular industry, that you possess fantastic communication skills and are forward –thinking. But how do you get started? It can be difficult to decide on what topic to write about, never mind how to write it effectively. If you’re struggling to get started, we show you how to write a killer LinkedIn article in our latest blog post…


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8 Tricks To Help You Interview With Confidence - 20/09/16

After successfully submitting your application, passing an initial telephone interview with flying colours, you have now landed the golden ticket – a job interview to make your next career move. After a brief moment of jubilation, you might be left feeling anxious about the interview ahead. If sitting across for a hiring manager leaves you feeling nervous, you are certainly not alone. Even the most confident among us are faced with self-doubt when it comes to landing a potential new opportunity. Before you step inside the interview room, we’ve come up with eight steps you can take to give your confidence a boost.


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Don’t Be A Clock Watcher – How To Be More Inspired At Work - 13/09/16

Sometimes your job can start to feel more of a chore, especially if you have been in your current role for a long period of time. At some point, everyone feels this way and even the most ‘perfect jobs’ can go through lull periods. However, this isn’t always a sign that you should consider your next career move and run for the hills. First, you should reassess your relationship with your current role and look at how you can improve it. If you’re looking to reignite your workplace sparkle, why not read on…


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How To Break The Job Hopping Habit - 06/09/16

People decide to change jobs for a number of reasons; it could be to make the next step in their career, to experience different sectors or to gain further job satisfaction. According to recent research, those who are born in the past 30 years are more likely to jump ship earlier than their older counterparts. However if you have a high number of jobs under your belt, it can affect your chances of landing a new role in the future; as companies can sometimes view job hoppers as being uncommitted. If you switch roles on a regular basis, take a look at our handy guide on how you can improve your job longevity:


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5 Ways To Tailor Your CV For A Specific Role - 30/08/16

Like people, no two job roles are the same, therefore your CV shouldn’t just fit into one box. Although it may seem time consuming; making the effort to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of a particular vacancy can only help to increase your chances of landing an interview. If you are wondering how to get started, simply take a look at our pointers below…


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How To Let Your Personality Shine In Job Interviews - 23/08/16

When we enter into an interview situation, many of us will feel the need to adopt our professional persona to give the best possible impression to a recruiter. Although it is important to remain professional in a business situation, it is also essential to showcase your personality to ensure that your application stands out. By letting your personality shine it will also enable the recruiter to determine if you would be a suitable fit for the company. If you want to strike the right balance of maintaining your professional character but also demonstrating your personality, take a peek at our handy guide...


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Avoid Bending The Truth On Your CV - 16/08/16

The job market can be a competitive place with companies looking to hire the best candidates out there. It can sometimes seem difficult to stand out and some candidates may feel tempted to bend the truth on their CV to get noticed. But by embellishing this information, it can land you in hot water and could affect your future career prospects. A large amount of employers would also be unwilling to offer a role to someone who hasn’t been fully truthful during the recruitment process. To enable you to give a good first impression to a potential employer, you should avoid bending the truth about the following on your CV…


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The Similarities Between Athletes and Job Seekers - 09/08/16

All eyes are currently on Rio as the city hosts the 2016 Olympics. Hundreds of athletes from around the world are getting geared up to win a place on the podium. But what makes an Olympian? Drive, resilience and commitment are just some of the characteristics which you may think of when envisioning a successful athlete. But what is the connection between a sportsperson and a job seeker? We explore the similarities in our latest blog post…


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How To Write A Resignation Letter - 04/08/16

You’re moving on, you’ve signed on the dotted line and you’re ready to wave ‘bye bye’ to your current company. However there is something standing in your way, that’s right, a resignation letter. This official document will help to set the tone for your notice period, as well as your future relationship with the company. Whatever your reason for leaving, there is no right or wrong way to quit. However by following our guide below, it should help you to resign in the right way…


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The Benefits Of A Summer Job - 26/07/16

Last week, Britain was engulfed in a heatwave; granted it has cooled down significantly since then, but we can’t deny we are currently in the midst of summer. The hottest season of the year can be a great time to take on a short-term assignment for a number of reasons. Apart from the obvious boost to your bank balance, the benefits of a temporary summer job can definitely outweigh any cons. We’ve compiled a list of the many benefits a short-term contract can give a worker…


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5 Ways You Can Nail An Assessment Day - 19/07/16

Assessment days have now become a large part of the recruitment process, and likewise to any other job interview they can be a scary prospect. You can expect a number of activities to take place at your assessment day; including presentations, group tasks and psychometric tests; which evaluate and monitor a candidate’s skills against set criteria. If you have an assessment day coming up, take a look our 5 pointers on how you can be successful.


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5 Ways To Deal With Conflict In The Workplace - 12/07/16

Having a disagreement in the work place can be challenging when trying to maintain good working relationships and a professional persona. It’s all about how we deal with the conflict that is most important and coming to a professional resolution. Although conflicts in the workplace can be difficult to deal with, especially when all you want to do is avoid a person, it’s important that the conflict is resolved and dealt with in the correct way to improve your working relationships and create a positive atmosphere.


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Questions You Should Be Asking During An Interview - 05/07/16

You’ve made it to the interview stage and you’ve prepared your answers for some of the questions the recruiter may ask you. But what about the questions which you should be asking the employer? Most candidates forget that a job interview is a two way process where it’s important to find out as much information about them as they can find out about you. To enable you to learn more about a company, take a look at our guide on some of the questions you should be asking during a job interview…


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A Guide To Writing A Cover Letter - 28/06/16

Are you left in a spin at the thought of composing a cover letter? Or are you unsure of where to even start? A cover letter may not be everyone’s favourite part of the recruitment process, however it’s still important as it builds upon the information in your CV and demonstrates why you would be a suitable fit for the role. If you need to a tackle a cover letter, take a look at our step- by-step guide…


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How To Improve Your Career Prospects In 140 Characters - 21/06/16

The micro-blogging site, Twitter turned ten this year and as it continues to flourish, it's attracting more users to sign up than ever before. While Twitter can be a handy source for gathering information or connecting with friends; it can sometimes be overlooked as a job searching tool. For multiple reasons, Twitter is ideal for job searching as it can lead you to new openings and it will help you to stay up-to-date with your chosen industry. If you are currently seeking an alternative method to find a job, Twitter might just be the answer…


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Revealed: What Makes A Great Employee… - 14/06/16

Sometimes it can difficult to gauge what exactly a company is looking for in an employee, as it can vary so much between sectors. Regardless of industry, job title and pay; all ideal candidates share a number of personality traits which any business would welcome. We’ve compiled 9 qualities which you can apply to become a great employee…


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5 Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career - 07/06/16

The 1st – 12th June marks Volunteers Week which celebrates the contribution made by millions of people across the UK. Aside from the obvious feel-good factor which volunteering brings; it does have a number of key benefits for your career which make it well worth considering. Take a look at our handy guide on how a voluntary position can help to boost your prospects in the workplace…


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How To Get Over First Day Fear & Make A Good Impression - 31/05/16

Starting a new job is an exciting prospect as it can be filled with endless possibilities, although it can leave you feeling stressed as you’ll also be entering into the world of the unknown. However if you start off on a good foot, you can set yourself up for success in your new role. If you are looking to ace your first day (or week!) in a new job, take a look at our handy guide below:


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How To Gain A Promotion Without Asking For One - 24/05/16

Walking straight into your manager’s office and requesting a promotion is a sure fire way of gaining one, right? While the direct approach may seem like a good idea, it can’t always guarantee the response which you were hoping for. If you have been in the same role for some time, you maybe itching for a promotion or to take on any additional responsibilities. Many people believe promotions will come in time, however if you are ready to climb the ladder, it’s advisable to take on a more pro-active approach. We’ve compiled a handy guide to enable you take a step-up in your career…


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Baxter Personnel vs. Ex Soccer Stars in charity play off - 18/05/16

Baxter Personnel FC will conquer the Riverside Stadium this Saturday (21st May) and go head to head in a mini football tournament with 4 other teams in a charity match to raise money for the Butterwick Hospice...


FootballMiddlesbrough Football ClubCharity MatchButterwick HospiceBaxter Personnel Recruitment Agency

How To <3 Your Job More - 17/05/16

Being happy in your job can result in you being more productive, feeling more sociable and you are less likely to be lethargic. However if you’re not one of the lucky ones who enjoys going to work, sometimes it can be difficult to find a happy medium. If you are looking to generally boost your mood in the workplace, take a look at our tips below to help point you in the right direction…


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The generalist recruiter will be continuing their Gold Partnership with Middlesbrough FC into the new season at Premiership level, where both the Middlesbrough Football Club, and Baxter Personnel can benefit from more coverage, exposure and further developing a relationship together, as they both experience growth and expansion through their own individual success....


Middlesbrough Football ClubPremier League FootballMiddlesbrough Recruitment AgencyGold Partnership

How To Shake Off Interview Anxiety - 10/05/16

Apprehensive, tense and flustered are just some of the things which we may feel before we attend a job interview. Nerves can happen to even the most confident among us as we are eager to make a great first impression. However getting an invitation to an interview is also an exciting prospect as it demonstrates we have the right experience and ability to gain a new role. But how do you shake off interview anxiety and prevent it from jeopardising your chances of landing your next job? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best strategies to use to wave bye bye to pre-interview nerves…


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Job Seeker? Avoid Posting These Facebook Statuses… - 03/05/16

Facebook; love it or loathe it, has now become a major part of our lives. Most of us will be well aware by now, not to post any wild party pictures from the night before as it can damage our careers. However, did you know the wrong type of Facebook status can also have a negative impact on your work life? Generally, social networking sites are often seen as an arena for users to vent their opinions about every subject under the sun. However employers are becoming more clued up on how controversial online content can have an impact on their business. Recruiters will also take a look at your social profiles too, as it will help them to determine if you are suitable for a particular position. If you are looking to make a good first impression, we can recommend you avoid posting these statuses…


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How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Career - 26/04/16

‘Choose a job you love and you will never work another day in your life’ as the old saying goes. This certainly rings true for those amongst us who have successfully turned their favourite pastime into a career. Like any major life change, switching to a career which you’re passion about takes some good old-fashioned planning to get you there. Plus, it’s not for the faint-hearted as you are likely to encounter some stumbling blocks along the way. If you feel you’re ready to make the transition of turning your favourite hobby into a 9-5 commitment, why not take a look at our pointers below…


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The Aldi Cardiff Recruitment Process is Well Underway.... - 20/04/16

The recruitment process for Aldi Cardiff’s Regional Distribution Centre is now well underway as we move further into 2016. This process began early 2016, when Baxter Personnel recruited first group of candidates for Aldi, starting with Trading Assistants, Non-Merchandise Accounts Assistants and Warehouse Section Leaders, allowing Aldi to train staff for up to 12 months prior to the new distribution centre opening in 2017....


Aldi CardiffAldi Distribution CentreTransport SupervisorWarehouse OperativesCardiff Jobs

10 Things I Wish I Knew During My First Job… - 19/04/16

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect for even the most experienced amongst us. However if you are about to make your first step on the career ladder it can be especially unnerving. If you are straight out of education or even starting a new job in sector which is alien to you, it can be tricky to get to grips with the ropes of a new workplace. Every company and job role is unique; however we all face similar hurdles when we start a new position. Take a look at our 10 pointers detailing the things we wish we knew before we started our very first jobs…


JobCareer Advice Job Search Recruitment

The National Living Wage Is Here... - 14/04/16

From April 1st, the government made it legally enforceable to pay workers aged over 25 the National Living Wage rate of £7.20 per hour. This means that those who were previously receiving the National Minimum Wage have seen a pay increase of 50p per hour.


National Living WageNational Minimum WagePay RateEmployment

7 Steps To Spring Clean Your Career - 12/04/16

Ah, spring has finally sprung; daffodils have bloomed, sunnier days are ahead and there is a sign of new life. Traditionally people use this period to really hammer the cleaning routine at home, however spring is the ideal time to also clean up your career. If you have been feeling stuck in your current role, take a look at our 7 steps below to give your career a new lease of life...


Spring CleanCareerJob SearchRecruitment

Shhh! How To Keep Your Job Search Discreet - 05/04/16

Sometimes the secret to a successful job search is to keep it discreet, especially if you are currently employed. If you are on the lookout for a new role, it can quickly turn into a nightmare especially if your current employer finds out, as your job security can be jeopardised. So if you’re looking to keep your job search on the down low, take a look at our 5 pointers below to help you carry out your job hunt in privacy…


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10 Things To Avoid In A Job Interview - 29/03/16

Being positive, smartly dressed and arriving on time might be seen as a given for the things you should do during a job interview. However some candidates continue to make avoidable slip-ups which can jeopardise their chances of landing a new role. As a job interview is your chance to make a good first impression on a potential employer, take a look at our 10 pointers below on what you should avoid doing during the interview process…


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Easter Opening Hours - 24/03/16

Easter is just around the corner which means a change to our normal opening hours, these changes will affect all our of branches.


Easter Opening TimesBaxter Personnel

Baxter Personnel Marks 25 Years In The Recruitment Industry! - 22/03/16

It’s been 25 years since Baxter Personnel was first formed as a local recruitment agency and became a registered business on 26th March 1991. At the time, there was only a handful of staff members employed at their Darlington office that focused on securing positions within the local region.


Baxter PersonnelRecruitment Agency25 YearsAnniversary

5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Daily Commute - 22/03/16

Ah, the daily commute, for some this can mean a leisurely 5 minute stroll into the office, for others it can mean a hour long train journey where you are desperately clinging onto the nearest handrail. However rather than seeing your commute as a chore, it can be the ideal time to be more productive which can in turn improve your day at work. After all, the average UK worker spends more than 10,000 hours in their lifetime getting to and from work, so rather than listening to the same old radio station over and over; use those hours to boost your career! Why not take a look at our 5 pointers below to see how you can get the most out of your journey to work…


Daily CommuteWorkProductiveEmployment

National Apprenticeship Week: Meet Apprentice Resourcer, Abbie - 17/03/16

The 14th – 18th March marks National Apprenticeship Week which celebrates the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. Baxter Personnel’s very own apprentice, Abbie Allen joined our Darlington Branch as a Resourcer in October 2015 and has already progressed well within the business. We caught up with Abbie to discuss how her apprenticeship is going so far and what she is looking forward to in the future…


National Apprenticeship Week ApprenticeBaxter PersonnelRecruitment Agency


Last year, and more alarmingly in recent times, Baxter Personnel have encountered a number of recruitment agencies trying to undercut their rates. In terms of the costing, we have come across our clients being offered disturbingly low rates on more than one occasion meaning one of two things… either the agency is making a loss or it is running a tax avoidance scheme designed to reduce costs and increase profits by abusing tax relief. In this case, if the rates look too good to be true – they generally are...


All You Need To Know About Apprenticeships… - 15/03/16

The 14th – 18th of March marks National Apprenticeship Week which celebrates the positive impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. Apprenticeships are no longer just for young people either; did you know that between 2014 and 2015 more than 55,000 of those aged 45-59 started an apprenticeship within the UK. Learn more about apprenticeships by taking a look at our handy guide below…


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Telephone System Issues - 10/03/16

Baxter Personnel are aware that we are currently having some major issues with our telephone lines. We have found that due to a technical issue, around 10% of our calls are being re-directed or not getting through at all...


How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions - 08/03/16

The 7th – 11th of March marks National Careers Week and focuses on the importance of career guidance to those who are about to leave education and enter the world of work. However the free advice can help any jobseeker learn more about their future career prospects. To celebrate National Careers Week, we’ve identified 10 of the most common interview questions around and how you can answer them. By planning ahead and considering some of the questions which you may be asked can only help to boost your confidence for any job interview...


Job InterviewJob SearchCareer AdviceNational Careers WeekRecruitment

How To Nail LinkedIn Etiquette - 01/03/16

LinkedIn has revolutionized the way recruiters source new talent. It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure you have a great profile and make a strong impact on the network to get noticed. If you’re looking to utilise the tool to improve your career prospects, take a look at our essential ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of nailing this social network…


LinkedInCareerJob Search Social MediaNetworking

5 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Job Offer - 23/02/16

Congratulations – you’ve received a job offer! All your hard working prepping for the interview has well and truly paid off! But where do you go from here? Sometimes accepting a job offer can be tricky especially if you have more than one role to consider. During the recruitment process there is a lot of focus on the employer choosing the right candidate but it’s also important to assess if the workplace is right for you before you make your next step on the career ladder. So before you put your notice in at your current workplace, here are some things to consider before saying yes to a new role…


New JobJob OfferCareerJob Search

The Benefits Of Temporary Work - 18/02/16

Sometimes temporary work can get a bit of bad reputation and many people may bypass a temporary role in hope of landing a more permanent position in the future. Businesses decide to take on temporary workers for a number of reasons such as having sudden surge for their products or services. If you are considering a temporary position, take a look at the many benefits of short-term work…


Temporary WorkJobsJob Search Recruitment

Baxter Personnel Recruit Positions for Middlesbrough FC - 12/02/16

Baxter Personnel have been given the fantastic opportunity to recruit for Middlesbrough Football Club. This comes as Baxter Personnel continue to develop, grow and strengthen their relationship with the club, becoming a Gold Partner for the 2015/16 season last year, as well as securing their own executive suite at the stadium to host executive match days for clients and businesses.


Middlesbrough RecruitmentMiddlesbrough JobsMiddlesbrough Football ClubMiddlesbrough FC JobsBaxter Personnel Gold Partner

The Link Between Recruitment & Romance - 09/02/16

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means that couples up and down the land will be getting in the mood to romance their significant other. There are a lot of similarities between the worlds of recruitment and romance which may just surprise you! Take a look at our five pointers below on how you can apply the rules of dating to job searching…


Job SeachRecruitmentValentines DayNew Jobs

Huge Job Surge For South Wales As Baxter Personnel Recruit For Aldi... - 09/02/16

Retail giant, Aldi are set to create hundreds of new jobs as they open a brand new Distribution Centre in Cardiff. The development will be a huge boost to the South Wales economy when the centre opens its doors in 2017...


South Wales JobsCardiff JobsAldi Cardiff Regional Distribution CenterRecruitment in CardiffBaxter Personnel Cardiff

The End To Job Hopping - 02/02/16

We are a generation of job hoppers; more and more of us are jumping from one role to the next and are ditching spending our whole career with a single employer. However if a candidate has low longevity, this can set alarm bells ringing for a recruiter. Alongside having gaps in your employment history, spending a small amount of time at each workplace can jeopardise your chances of landing a new role. Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming process,; so an employer will only want to invest in those who have a stable work history and are not likely to jump ship. Take a look at our pointers below on how you can extend your job longevity:


LongevityJob HoppingEmployment HistoryRecruitment

Disruption To Service - 02/02/16

Baxter Personnel are currently experiencing issues with receiving job applications, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. If you wish to apply for a job, please email a copy of your CV to stating which role you are applying for and the location which you are based. We are looking to get the following issue resolved as soon as possible and will update you on this. Thank you for your patience on this matter.


Disruption To ServiceBaxter Personnel

What’s it like to work for Baxter Personnel? Resourcer, Kadima, explains… - 29/01/16

Kadima Begum, 19, is a Resourcer within the operations team at Baxter Personnel’s head office. Kadima has worked for the business for just over a year and has already made immense progress in learning what it takes to source the perfect candidates and work within the recruitment industry. We asked Kadima some questions about her career, and here is what she had to say...


Baxter PersonnelRecruitment ResourcingStaff InsightJob opportunitiesCareer Development

No Experience? No Problem! - 26/01/16

Composing a CV can be a daunting prospect for even the most experienced of job hunters, but if you have little or no work history it can fill you with even more dread. However don’t let the lack of work experience put you off applying for a role; after all you can make the most of other factors; such as your skills, potential and your drive and passion. To increase your chances of landing a role, take a look at our pointers below on how to construct a CV without having professional experience.


CV WritingJob SearchNo Work ExperienceRecruitment

How To Successfully Swap Job Sectors - 19/01/16

The jobs market has changed; many employees no longer choose to stick with one company, yet alone in the same sector for their whole career. However, it can still be a very scary prospect to land a job outside your current field. People decide to change their career for a number of different reasons; including seeking a new challenge or because their current employer is downsizing. If you fancy a change of direction, take a look at our 5 tips below before taking the plunge…


New JobJob SearchJob SectorsRecruitment

What’s it like to work for Baxter Personnel? Trainee Branch Manager, Tom explains… - 12/01/16

Tom Wiper, 30, is a Trainee Branch Manager at Baxter Personnel's Darlington Branch. Tom has worked for the business for 3 years and has made fantastic progress in his career during his time at Baxter Personnel, from starting out as a Recruitment Consultant with the company. We asked Tom some questions about his career, and here is what he had to say...


Recruitment Branch ManagerBaxter PersonnelRecruitment AgencyCareer DevelopmentRecruitment Consultant

An Insight Into An Assessment Day... - 12/01/16

As part of the selection process, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to ask candidates to attend an assessment centre. The prospect of an assessment day can leave you in a bit of a spin; as you will be meeting lots of new people, taking part in some challenging tasks, while also trying to showcase your best attributes to a potential employer. Assessment days usually follow a successful initial interview and are viewed as an important part of the recruitment process. The event allows an employer to be able to rate you against certain competencies which are required in the workplace such as communication, team work or leadership skills. Depending on the role which you are going for, you may also be required to be tested for a certain skill such as logic, grammar or analytical knowledge. The assessors will also be analysing your personality traits and will determine if you will fit in with the current company culture. If you want to excel during an assessment day and banish any pre-existing nerves, take a look at our handy guide below…


Assessment DayJob InterviewRecruitmentCareer

10 New Years Resolutions That Will Boost Your Career - 05/01/16

Eat less, exercise more, kick bad habits; although a lot of resolutions focus on improving our health and wellbeing, a new year can be the ideal time to fine-tune your career. The start of another year is the perfect motivator for making a fresh start and having a more proactive attitude to achieve your objectives in the workplace. Want to know how you can boost your career in 2016? Put yourself in the best position by taking a look at our 10 pointers below…


New Years ResolutionsCareer BoostNew JobRecruitment

Tweet Your Way To A New Job - 22/12/15

According to recent figures, 50 million new users joined Twitter this year alone; making it one of the most prominent social networks around. Although popular, it can often be overlooked as a job searching tool compared to the other networking sites such as LinkedIn. More and more companies are turning to Twitter to source new employees and it has a lot to offer candidates as well. Twitter can be an effective tool for your job search for a number of reasons; it can guide you to new jobs leads, connect you with industry professionals and help you to conduct vital pre-interview research about a company. If you are looking to get more out of your job search, take a look at how you can tweet your way to a new career...


New JobSocial MediaTwitterJob Search Recruitment

5 Reasons Why You Should Continue Your Job Search Over The Festive Period - 18/12/15

It’s the week between Christmas and New Year and you’re probably still feeling rather full from too much turkey. It is more than likely to be the busiest time on your social calendar as well, so anything career related is usually the last thing on your list. You may also believe the common misconception that many companies halt business during this period and don’t make any new hires. However the festive season can be the perfect opportunity to climb the career ladder! It can also be the ideal time for you to continue (or start!) your job search before the January rush takes place. Still not convinced? Well take a look at our 5 reasons below on why the Christmas season is the ideal time to job search…


Job Search ChristmasNew JobRecruitment

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your CV For 2016 - 17/12/15

Each year, lots of us make New Year’s resolutions in order to make some positive changes for the year ahead. A new job is quite often at the top of people's list, but before you are able to land a new role you will more than likely need to submit a CV. Many CVs have not been touched for months or even years and are quite often in need of a little TLC. Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV but by taking on board our 5 pointers below will ensure your CV is revamped in time for 2016...


CV TipsNew YearNew JobRecruitment Agency

Baxter Personnel’s Middlesbrough Branch is growing for success in 2016… - 15/12/15

Following unprecedented success over the last year and moving forward into 2016, Baxter Personnel branched out in September 2015, with a brand new office in Middlesbrough. The company already have an abundant client base in the region and continue to expand this into the New Year to help in developing a fully functioning branch.


Baxter PersonnelMiddlesbrough BranchRecruitment AgencyBranch ManagerJobs

5 Pieces Of Etiquette For Your Work Christmas Party - 15/12/15

Christmas is just around the corner which means that the festive party season is now in full swing! It’s the time of year where you will get together with your colleagues; to eat, drink and be merry. However, we have all heard a horror story of a colleague who got a little too merry at their company’s event. Sometimes what happens at the Christmas party doesn’t always stay at the Christmas party and any negative behaviour can follow you back into the office. If your work Christmas party is on the horizon and you’re unsure how to act, take a look at our 5 etiquette pointers below…


Work Christmas PartyChristmas Party EtiquetteBusiness Event

Christmas Opening Hours - 14/12/15

Christmas is just around the corner which means a change to our usual opening hours. Please see below the festive opening hours for all of our branches...


Christmas Opening HoursBaxter PersonnelRecruitment Agency

How To Survive A Networking Event - 08/12/15

Local networking events are a great opportunity to connect with potential employers before you even apply for a role. If you manage to get networking right, it can even help you climb up the career ladder. However networking can be a daunting prospect for even the most outgoing of characters. Quite often you will find yourself arriving alone where you will be faced with a room full of strangers, who are all eager to make a great first impression. But don’t let that prospect put you off, by expanding your network and the number of contracts in your circle, will only help to increase your chances of landing that next role. After all, you don’t know who you may meet at a networking event! So if you are looking to flourish at networking but you’re unsure how to, take a look at our 5 pointers below…


Networking Job HuntRecruitmentEmployment

Ground breaking year for Baxter Personnel… and it gets better yet! - 04/12/15

Baxter Personnel have smashed it once again, in a ground breaking year for the company as they successfully secure yet another large-scale recruitment project with the ever expanding retail giant, Aldi. The recruitment agency will be responsible for supplying staff to the supermarket’s new Regional Distribution Centre based in Cardiff....


Aldi CardiffCardiff JobsRecruitment Agency CardiffBaxter Personnel CardiffAldi Distribution Centre

Reasons Why You May Have Had A Bad Experience With A Recruitment Agency... - 03/12/15

You are most likely to be reading this post if you have had a negative experience with a recruitment agency. And if you have, you are certainly not alone; a high number of employers report that they regard the recruitment industry in a negative light. And we agree, the recruitment industry certainly does get a bad rep. For instance, there are regular scandals in the press about recruiters who have behaved badly or who charge sky high fees for doing very ‘little’ work. Recruitment consultants are even slotted into the same stereotype as a car salesman, who will pressurise a customer for a sale. But how do you avoid getting ‘fleeced’ by a recruitment agency while looking for a new member of staff? Well take a look at these 5 steps in seeking out a suitable agency…


Recruitment AgencyNegative ExperienceEmployment Agency

How To Perfect Body Language For Your Next Job Interview - 01/12/15

It has been proven that body language can convey a lot of information about a person. For that reason, your body language during a job interview has a substantial effect on the interviewer’s perception of you. Many interviewers have the ability to read body language and are aware when candidates are feeling anxious or displaying any negative emotions. Therefore it is essential for your body language to match with what is coming out of your mouth.


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Baxter Personnel’s Middlesbrough Partnership Gets Off To A Winning Start - 30/11/15

Last week, Baxter Personnel invited several of their clients, as well as a number of competition winners to join them in their new suite at the Middlesbrough FC vs. Queens Park Rangers game, for an executive match day experience at the Riverside Stadium.


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5 Hacks On How You Can Be More Productive At Work - 24/11/15

Sometimes it can be difficult to get going in the workplace, no matter how much you love your job, trying to maintain a good level of productivity can be difficult. Often the day can slip away and you will be left wondering where the time has gone and what tasks you can have actually completed. Looking to be more productive? Take a look at our 5 hacks below on how you can be…


Productive In The WorkplaceMotivation At WorkEmploymentRecruitment

10 Traits That Make A Great Candidate - 17/11/15

Trying to figure out what a potential employer is looking for in a potential candidate can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Companies invest a lot of time and money in ensuring that they select the right person for the job. But how do you ensure that you have the right characteristics to meet their specifications? If you are looking to get hired, take a look at the 10 traits below on what makes a great candidate...


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How To Write The Perfect Interview Follow-Up! - 10/11/15

Did you know that sending a follow-up email after a job interview can make you stand out from the competition? Even if you believe that the interview went badly, a follow-up email can still help to reflect your passion and persistence for a particular role. But a follow-up email is not just a polite thank you message; it can help to demonstrate your suitability for the role, your interest in the business and to touch base on any unanswered questions from the interview. If you are unsure on how to construct your email, take a look at our 5 pointers below…


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Baxter Personnel Team Up With MFC And Become An Official Club Partner - 09/11/15

Baxter Personnel have developed their relationship with Middlesbrough Football Club and have become an Official Gold Partner for the 2015/16 season...


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Brrrr! How To Be Motivated At Work During The Winter! - 03/11/15

Since we put our clocks back last week, suddenly things have got a lot darker. The cold mornings can make it difficult to leap out of bed and the dark evenings can leave you feeling lethargic. Motivation can plummet in the workplace too, but how do you raise morale and ensure that you are still on track during colder spells? Follow our 5 tips below on you can boost productively during the winter months...


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How To Ace A Telephone Interview - 27/10/15

It is becoming common place for companies to pre-screen candidates through a telephone interview before they are invited to a face-to-face meeting. A telephone interview’s main purpose is to reassure the employer that they have potentially selected the right person for the job. This type of interview can also help save time for both employers and candidates. If you have a telephone interview coming up soon, read our 5 tips below on how you can ace it...


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How To Survive Redundancy… - 20/10/15

Unfortunately, during our working lives, redundancy is something that can happen to any of us. Lack of trade, falling profits and even changes in technology can signal redundancy for workers. If you find yourself in this situation, redundancy is not all doom and gloom, it can in fact signal a time for change. If you have recently been made redundant and are unsure what to do next, take a look at our 5 steps below…


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CVs: Here To Serve A Purpose - 13/10/15

A CV or a Curriculum Vitae loosely translates as ‘the course of my life’ and like life, no two CVs are ever the same. Your CV is also the only part of the hiring process of which you have full control of; after all you are the only person who decides what a potential employer sees. Essentially, it is a marketing tool showcasing your experience, education and a story of your professional working life. But there is also much more to CVs than meets the eye So we decided to delve a little bit further of what the purpose of a CV actually is…


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Blog Masterclass: How Blogging Can Help Your Career - 06/10/15

You may have heard how blogging can help unpublished writers get noticed or how it has even thrust people into fame and fortune. But have you considered that creating a blog can actually help to propel your career forward? Blogging is not just about writing your thoughts or opinions; you can share photos, videos or connect with others. Whatever you choose to blog about it, it will demonstrate your personality and will increase your online presence in an ever developing digital world. Do it right and it can even land you a new career! But how do you ensure that your blog is going to be a success? Take a look at our 5 steps below in becoming a blogging master...


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Our Guide To The National Minimum Wage Increase - 29/09/15

This week will see the National Minimum Wage have its largest increase since 2007. The rise is set to benefit over 1.4 million workers in the UK. The National Minimum Wage is in place to protect as many low paid workers as possible but to also ensure that there is no impact on jobs or the economy. The rate of the National Minimum Wage is set annually on the basis of recommendations by the Low Pay Commission. They are an independent body who were set up in 1997 and are made up of employers, unions and experts. They consider factors such as economic growth, average earnings, productively and employment before recommending a new wage. If you’re unsure how the increase will affect you, take a look below...


National Minimum WageWage IncreaseNational Living WageEmployment

Patience: The Secret Ingredient For A Successful Job Search - 22/09/15

They say that patience is a virtue and it is a trait needed if you are job hunting. Landing the perfect job doesn't always come overnight and the job searching process can become frustrating at times. This is where patience comes in, granted, it doesn't always come easy, especially if you have been searching for a new role for an extended period of time. So how you keep motivated during your job hunt? To help, we have come up with 5 pointers to help you along the way...


Job SearchPatienceStay Motivated During A Job SearchRecruitmentBaxter Personnel

Baxter Personnel Middlesbrough is Here! - 18/09/15

This week Baxter Personnel have signed a lease and will be moving in on Monday 21st September into a brand new office in Middlesbrough Town Centre as there Middlesbrough Branch is born...


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To Post Or Not To Post? – How Social Media Can Help Or Hurt Your Job Hunt - 09/09/15

As a job hunter, you will be aware of how you need to act in an interview or in the workplace. But have you ever considered what you post on social media can have an effect on your job hunt? While social media sites are great tools to connect with friends, share photos or retweet the latest news article, they are also becoming crucial in the recruitment process. But how do you make your profile more employer-friendly? – Our 5 tips will show you how:


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Thanks For Updating Your Details! - 08/09/15

Congratulations to our candidate, Deborah Munn from Sheffield in being the lucky winner selected to win £100 worth of Love2Shop vouchers...


Updated DetailsWinnerRecruitmentJobs

Climb The Career Ladder: How To Gain Promotion - 03/09/15

If you have recently been thinking about furthering your career, a promotion is a great way to do so. But before you move up the ladder, there are steps you can take to ensure that you can succeed in your current role. If you are seeking promotion, you need to strike the balance of being a key team member but also ensuring that you are able to self-promote your skills. Even if you are not currently seeking a promotion in your role, these following tips can still help you become a more valuable employee:


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10 Tips On Formatting The Perfect CV - 25/08/15

Recruiters can receive hundreds of CVs a day, therefore it important that your CV stands out. To ensure that your CV gets noticed is it essential that all information is formatted correctly. Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV, but tailoring it in a suitable format can only increase your chances in obtaining an interview. To ensure that your CV is easy to read, we have come up 10 tips on how to format it perfectly...


CV FormatCV TemplateJob SearchEmployment

How To Effectively Job Search Online - 18/08/15

The internet has transformed the way in which we can search and apply for jobs. It can help to wider your search, save valuable time and can even introduce you to a new career you may have not have previously considered. The internet has also made it easier to connect with a potential employer and other professionals, where you can network with them before you even meet in person. Planning your search effectively can help you land your ideal job, to help you with this we have devised a list of the 5 best places to search online...


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Deadline Day For The HMRC New Reporting Requirements - 05/08/15

In 2014, Baxter Personnel encountered a number of recruitment agencies trying to undercut their rates. Clients were been offered disturbingly lower rates on several occasions with regards to the recruitment of staff. The only possible ways other recruitment agencies were able to do so was to either make a loss in profits or through a tax avoidance scheme which is been ran to reduce costs and increase their profits...


HMRCRecruitment AgenciesTax Avoidance SchemesEmployment IntermediariesReporting Deadline

Questions And Answers: What To Ask In An Interview? - 04/08/15

Quite often job interviews can make you feel like you are on the receiving end of an interrogation. But an interview is also a great opportunity to get to know a potential employer and address any concerns. Usually towards the end of an interview, a recruiter may ask if you have any questions for them. The reason why interviewers do this is so candidates can demonstrate that they are really engaged in the role. Asking the right questions can leave a lasting impression on a recruiter and may even help you land the job. To ensure you ask at least one question, we have come up with 5 examples to ask during your next job interview...


Questions To Ask In A Job InterviewJob InterviewRecruitmentNew Job

Say Hello To Recruitment: How Recruitment Agencies Work - 28/07/15

When it comes to recruitment agencies, sometimes people aren't sure, or misunderstand what a recruitment agency actually does and why they are there to recruit for businesses. You have probably all had experience of dealing with recruitment agencies at some point in our lives from applying for roles, going to interviews and finding out if we have been successful or not, but how does it work from the point of view of the recruiter? This article will give you an insight into recruitment, to demonstrate how agencies operate. We have come up with 4 sections to help you understand the processes recruiters go through to help candidates back into work...


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A Change Is Gonna Come: What You Need To Consider Before Moving Careers - 21/07/15

They say that a change is as good as rest, especially if you have started to lose interest in your current job. If you are thinking about changing your career, it is vital to do the legwork before taking the leap of faith into a different sector. Changing career paths can be daunting process, but remember you are not alone; many people over the course of their working lives decide to change their careers for a number of reasons. To make things a little easier, we have come up with 7 different things you will need to consider before making the big move...


Career ChangeNew JobEmploymentRecruitment

HMRC's Reporting Requirements Deadline is Now Looming... - 21/07/15

Payments made from 6th April to 5th July must be reported by 5th August- and HMRC have made it clear that penalties will be imposed straight away for late or non filing.


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It’s Not Unusual: Turning Job Rejection Into Positivity - 14/07/15

Rejection in any form can be difficult to digest. It is especially hard in the job market, as it can sometimes feel like a constant. But remember, it is not unusual to receive rejection during the job hunting process and it is vital to keep it all in prospective. Remember some of the most successful figures in this world once had to overcome rejection. For instance, did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his position at a newspaper because he ‘lacked ideas and creatively’ or that The Beatles were once told ‘no’ by a record company when they were just starting out? The following examples demonstrate why rejection can be a positive thing, as it can propel you to move forward. Dealing with job rejection is no different, so we have come up with 5 ways in how you can turn a job rejection into a positive:


Job RejectionInterview RejectionPositive OutlookEmployment Recruitment

Excel In Emailing: 5 Steps To A Professional Email Address - 07/07/15

Have you ever thought that your email address can have an impact on gaining your next job? In this digital age, emails play a huge part in the way which we communicate with others. If a candidate has an unprofessional email address this can sometimes mean make or break for a recruiter. As more and more companies are becoming paperless and taking to communicating with candidates on an online basis only, it is essential to have an appropriate email address. So to make you sure you excel in emailing, we have come up with 5 tips on how to gain a professional email address...


Professional Email AddressJob SearchingRecruitmentBaxter Personnel

Baxter Personnel: Branching Out - 01/07/15

Growth, determination and hard work are just some of things which have driven Baxter Personnel to great success so far this year, on the back of last years accomplishments...


Baxter Personnel2015 AchievementsMoving ForwardRecruitment Agency

Mind Your Social Media Manners: Presenting Yourself Online When Job Hunting - 18/06/15

Social networking sites are great tools to connect with old friends, share photos and to present yourself professionally online. More and more recruiters are using social media during the hiring process to gain an extended view of a candidate which is outside the realms of their CV. So if you are a fan of Facebook or are fanatical about Twitter, be aware of what you post online can affect your chances of securing your next job role. So next time you login, consider these 5 tips of social media etiquette...


Social MediaJob Hunting OnlineHow To Use Social MediaSocial Media Etiquette Job Search

10 Essential Things To Include On Your CV - 09/06/15

Trying to decide what to include on your CV can be difficult. You need to demonstrate the appropriate skills and experience to a potential employer to convince them you are the right person for the job. To do that, you need to give suitable information but in limited space, so not to overwhelm the employer with information. Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV but if you include these 10 essential things on your CV, we don’t think you can go wrong...


CVJob LongevityCareer HistoryJob Application

Want To Boost Your CV? - Volunteer! - 02/06/15

The first week of June marks National Volunteer Week. Volunteering and work placements are a great way to gain extra experience and might make the difference between you clinching that vital job role. Whether you are a student who is looking for placement during the summer or if you have found yourself recently out of work, securing a voluntary role can ensure that you gain new skills and network with the right people. With that in mind, we've have come up with 5 ways in how you can seek voluntary work...


Volunteer WeekVoluntary WorkWork PlacementRecruitmentCV

Mind The Gap: The Importance Of Job Longevity - 28/05/15

Job longevity is something all employers look at when reviewing an application. The length of time which you spend with a company can affect your chances at gaining your next role. Over the past 30 years, times have changed with regards to job longevity; it wasn’t unusual to spend your whole career with one company once you left education. Nowadays, the average time a worker spends with an employer is just over 4 years, it is even less time for those who are aged under 25, who spend 2 and a half years on average working for one company. With job longevity being at the forefront of many recruiters’ minds, here are the top 5 abilities which job longevity can illustrate to a potential employer...


Job LongevityGaps In CVRecruitment

Didn’t Get The Job? – How To Survive Rejection - 19/05/15

Rejection is something we all have to encounter at some point, it is particularly common when applying for jobs and hearing a ‘no’ can become frustrating. But don’t despair if you haven’t heard back from an application or if you didn't succeed during the interview process, rejection can be the first step on the road to success. With that in mind, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can survive the rejection process:


Job RejectionMove ForwardHow To Survive RejectionEmployment

Working Abroad: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Taking The Plunge - 19/05/15

It was reported that over 5 million Brits were living and working abroad last year, with Canada, America and Spain being among some of the most popular destinations So if you find yourself constantly dreaming of sunnier climes, working abroad maybe something you would like to consider. Whether you choose to do it for a summer season or if you intend to live abroad for the foreseeable future, there are a number of things which you would need to consider before you make the big move to more exotic climates:


Working AbroadLiving AbroadWhat You Need To KnowEmployment

The Conservatives On Careers - 12/05/15

As the dust settles after the results of last week’s General Election, The Conservative Party will be focusing on implementing their policies over the coming weeks. Employment will be on the forefront of many voters’ minds and they will be keen to know what the party have planned for the next 5 years. With that in mind, here is a glimpse of what the party have planned with regards to employment and the economy...


ConservativesThe General Election 2015EmploymentPoliticsJobs

Baxter Personnel Middlesbrough is coming…. - 11/05/15

Following unprecedented success over the last year, Baxter Personnel is once again branching out, this time into Middlesbrough...


Middlesbrough RecruitmentRecruitment TeessideMiddlesbrough BranchBaxter Personnel MiddlesbroughJobs Middlesbrough

Politics And Employment - 28/04/15

Politics can affect all aspects of our lives; from which leisure activities are available in our area to even more international issues such as Global Warming. Jobs and employment are always at the front of many voters’ minds before they take to the polls. It’s been almost 5 years since the Conservative party joined the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition government. During this period, many changes have occurred and for the better for both employers and employees. So with only days to go until the nation decides who becomes the next Prime Minister, we thought we would take a look back at some of the changes relating to employment since the last General Election in 2010...


Election 2015PoliticsEmploymentJobs

96% of employers to take on agency staff in the next 3 months... - 23/04/15

According to REC's Job Outlook for April 2015, over the next 3 months, 96% of employers are planning to retain or increase their agency worker headcount, with a similar proportion planning the same with their permanent headcount...


EmployersAgency StaffRecruitment AgencyNew StaffBusiness Growth

10 Tips On Returning To Work After A Significant Amount of Time Off - 21/04/15

Starting a new job can be daunting for even the most experienced of us, however if you’re returning to work after having a significant amount of time off, returning to the professional world can be a huge challenge for you to overcome. Whether you are returning after a redundancy, maternity or paternity leave, a long illness or just simply a career break, we have come up with 10 tips on how to boost your confidence and make the return to work a little less overwhelming.


Returning To WorkCareer BreakEmploymentJob Search

10 Tips To Help You Speak More Confidently - 14/04/15

Talking about yourself can be one of the most difficult things in the world and trying to do it with confidence can seem almost impossible. The British are famous for being very modest and reserved and not being able to speak about their accomplishments. However, if you’re facing the prospect of a job interview to secure that crucial role, it is key to be able to speak about yourself confidently. We have come up with 10 tips to help you do so:


Public SpeakingConfidenceJob InterviewRecruitment

10 Facts You Need To Know About This Tax Year - 08/04/15

The new tax year started on the 6th April and with each new year, it can signal changes to your finances. From income tax to adjustments in pensions, we are all affected in one way or the other by the changes to tax. But don’t despair just yet; these changes are for the better, meaning that you have more money in your back pocket. With that in mind, we have come up with 10 easy-to-digest facts about the upcoming tax year:


Tax YearMoneyPensionNational InsuranceMaternity Pay

Easter Eggcitement at Baxter Personnel! - 02/04/15

Excitement is building at Baxter Personnel this week as our head office team fly the nest and move into our brand new head office location over Easter, leaving our Darlington, Blackwellgate location as a further standalone recruitment branch...


Business GrowthHead OfficeBaxter Personnel

10 Tips For Your Easter Job Hunt - 31/03/15

You may associate Easter with an egg hunt rather than a job hunt, but it can be the perfect opportunity to be productive. We have come up with 10 handy tips on how to use your time effectively.


EasterJob HuntUpdate CVJob Search

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Disruption to Service - 26/03/15

Due to Baxter Personnel’s success over the last year, we are currently expanding the business and opening a brand new head office! Please note, there will be disruptions to our services on Thursday 2nd April 2015, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


What do employers look for in potential candidates? - 25/03/15

Whether you are beginning to apply for a new role or have bagged yourself that all important interview, trying to predict what a company is looking for in a potential employee is no easy task....


10 Tips Writing An Appealing Cover Letter - 18/03/15

As well as having a first-rate CV, it is essential to present an appealing covering letter to any potential employer.


Cover LetterLetter WritingJob ApplicationsWriting a Cover Letter

February Employee of the Month is... - 13/03/15

Melissa Smith, Aprenctice Resourcer at Baxter Personnel!


Something to be aware of when choosing a recruitment agency continued... - 12/03/15

New HMRC reporting requirements are to come into force on 6th April 2015 requiring all recruitment agencies to report to HMRC on ALL workers they have out who are not paid on a PAYE basis by the Agency themselves. This includes Umbrella, Self Employed and PSCs.


HMRC guidanceemployment intermediaries reporting requirementsUmbrella companiesRecruitment agencies

Staying Motivated During Your Job Hunt - 12/03/15

Sometimes the road can be long, especially if you are on the job hunting journey. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated when the going gets tough...


Job Search MotivationStaying MotivatedEmployment MotivationJob Hunt Tips

Presenting yourself well for an interview - 27/02/15

Dressing well, looking professional and appearing confident and positive are all key to impressing a potential employer in an interview. Body language is one of the biggest aspects as this tells an employer a lot about a person. Our personality, feelings and emotions are often shown through our body language whether we are aware of it or not, so its very important to master this before an interview to ensure you are presenting yourself well.


Job Interview TipsJob InterviewPresenting YourselfBody Language

The Importance of a Positive Attitude - 19/02/15

One of the most important things that an employer will look out for, more than your skills and experience, is a positive attitude. Whether you're filling out applications or attending interviews, having a positive mindset and attitude each step of the way will make your job search easier and more successful.


Positive attitudejob hunting tipspositivity

January Employee of the Month - 13/02/15



5 tips for January job hunting - 16/01/15

January is the most popular month for all job seekers to search for a new job with 2 out of 5 people in the UK job searching this time last year. There are many reasons for this including people setting themselves New Years resolutions and looking for fresh starts, looking for more money and job prospects and new budgets coming into place.


5 reasons why Christmas is a good time for job hunting... - 27/11/14

Christmas is a busy time of year and who has time to be looking for jobs? A lot of people put their job searching on hold over December to focus on family and celebrations until the new year... but this means less competition for the rest of you!


5 job search tips... - 13/11/14

Job searching can sometimes be a daunting process, and depending on how you approach it you may struggle to find what you are looking for. Here are 5 tips that can keep you pro active in your job searching and help you to find your perfect match.


Aldi Pledges To Create 35,000 UK Jobs - 11/11/14

The discount chain confirms plans to cash in on its growing popularity by more than doubling store numbers in a £600m investment.


Something to be aware of when choosing a recruitment agency... - 23/10/14

HMRC faced claims this year over tax avoidance after allegations that the UK’s £22bn recruitment industry is riddled with a multi-million-pound “avoidance” scheme that allows recruitment agencies to undercut competitors, exploit millions of workers and cheat the taxpayer out of large sums of money.


Aldi Goldthorpe opens its doors... - 08/10/14

This week Aldi Goldthorpe Distribution Centre recieved the keys to their new warehouse and opened the doors for the first time...


Leaving your job before you've been offered a new one... - 30/09/14

Should you really quit work before you have something else lined up? We look at how employers view this when looking at your CV and considering you for a position...


Training continues at Aldi.... - 22/09/14

Training continues at Aldi Goldthorpe as we follow Warehouse Operative, Lisa Marsh through her new journey...


Lisa's first week at Aldi - 09/09/14

Lisa Marsh, Warehouse Operative at the new Aldi Goldthorpe distribution centre brings us up to date with our group of new recruits and what they have been up to in their first week of training.


Following Aldi's new recruit, Lisa Marsh.... - 29/08/14

A day in the life of Aldi's new Warehouse Operative Lisa Marsh. Find out what the new recruits are getting up to in training and beyond....


Grow with Baxter Personnel... - 16/07/14

Having enjoyed rapid growth, our thriving recruitment agency is in the process of doubling our existing workforce and moving into new bigger premises! Let us help your business to grow too.


Local Businessgrowthworkforceexpansionrecruitment

Identifying Your Skills - 13/05/14

Identifying your skills is critical in writing a good CV, identifying your skills can be difficult to do and identifying all of your skills can be difficult if they’re not in use in your current position as skills can often be overlooked. There are numerous ways to identify your skills so that you can then compile them for your CV. Some of the methods for identifying your skills include making a list of your previous vacancies and skills involved as well as your hobbies and skills involved with those.



Handing in Your Letter of Resignation - 01/05/14

Handing in your notice of resignation isn’t always an easy task and for many is a daunting process, especially if it is their first time resigning from a position or is an employee’s first placement.



The Importance of a Good Attitude - 14/04/14

Being able to successfully find work relies on a number of factors; one critical factor that many job seekers overlook is their attitude.



The Importance of a Cover Letter - 31/03/14

When applying for job vacancies whether you’re currently employed and looking for a change of employment or if you’re unemployed and looking for a new vacancy, your CV is crucial in finding work and successfully gaining employment.


cover lettercvresumewriting

3 Ways to Boost Your Confidence - 11/03/14

When applying for jobs and going for interviews, confidence is key and is often viewed as being one of the key elements in being successful. While many people are highly confident and view themselves in high regard, many overlook their positive points and lack confidence due to a range of potential issues such as concentrating on stress, worry, problems and other miscellaneous issues.



How To Request Your P45 Form - 26/02/14

How to request your P45 form through the Baxter Personnel website and receive a copy of your P45. All P45 requests must be made through the website.



How To Request Your Payslips - 26/02/14

How to request your Payslips through the Baxter Personnel website, you can now request copies of your Payslips if you have lost of misplaced them.



How To Request Your Holidays - 26/02/14

How to request your holidays from Baxter Personnel through the Baxter Personnel website using the Holiday Request form.


holidayrequestformrequest holidaysholiday request

Three Out of The Box Questions You Could Encounter - 18/02/14

When you’re actively looking for work and interviewing at numerous companies, you’re likely to encounter the generic ‘run of the mill’ questions that many employers ask such as previous employment, previous experience and other generic questions.


interviewquestionsout of the box

3 Tips For Starting a New Job - 07/02/14

Although starting a new job is often an exciting prospect, it can also be daunting due to the nature of what starting a new job entails. Starting a new job often involves meeting new people, learning new tasks and more often than not going outside of your comfort zone. There are however numerous things that you can do to ensure that your new job goes as smoothly as possible.



5 CV Mistakes To Avoid - 30/01/14

When it comes to looking for work, it is important that you have a good resume. Your resume should list your skills, employment history, education and other important information that is related to the job that you are applying for.



Job-hopping & Your Career - 22/01/14

Changing jobs frequently or ‘job-hopping’ as it is commonly known by employers is something that is typically looked down upon. Although it can be hard to establish how long you should stay at a company, there is often the view that you should be willing to stay at a company for two years or more.


jobhoppingcareerjob hoppingjob-hopping

Four Body Language Signals To Avoid During An Interview - 15/01/14

Having the ability to read body language is viewed as an asset by many; it gives you an insight to how people are thinking, feeling and in some cases having the ability to read body language can give you a distinct advantage.


body languageinterviewsignalemployerdeception

#Northeasthour Returns - 07/01/14

Much to the delight of businesses operating throughout the North East of England, the #northeasthour hashtag is now being recognized and promoted once more by the official @northeasthour account that is run by Helen Armstrong (@helensarmstrong) after coming back from a lengthy Christmas break.


northeasthourHelen ArmstrongTwitterhashtagNorth East Hour

Finding Jobs At Companies Not Advertising - 30/12/13

If you’re currently looking for work due to unemployment or because your current job is no longer suitable or ‘enjoyable’ you might have the attitude that the more jobs you apply for the better and although this can sometimes be true (assuming the applications are relevant), many job seekers overlook those companies who aren’t actively hiring.



Questions To Ask During a Job Interview - 19/12/13

If you’ve recently been contacted for a job interview, you will likely know that an interview is often the first step in gaining a new job. If you’re experienced with being interviewed and have had multiple interviews in the past, you might be familiar with common interview mistakes and things that can have a negative impact on the interview process.



Interview DOs and DON'Ts - 09/12/13

If you’re in the process of looking for a new job, there is a good chance that you have already had one or more interviews or have upcoming interviews. As a job interview is often the deciding factor on whether you get the job that you are applying for or not, it is important that your interview is successful. To ensure that your interview is successful, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with common practices and interview techniques.



How To Register For Job Alerts - 03/12/13

The Baxter Personnel professor explains how you can register for job alerts through the Baxter Personnel website.


jobalertsjob alertsregister

Baxter Personnel Wins Aldi Contract - 03/12/13

After winning a contract to supply members of staff for supermarket giant Aldis new Goldthorpe based distribution centre, Baxter Personnel has been featured in numerous newspapers and websites that cover news throughout the Yorkshire region.



Unique Ways Of Finding Work - 02/12/13

Whether you’re employed or unemployed and you’re looking for a new job or opportunity that pays better or is more enjoyable in comparison to the job that you do now, it can be difficult knowing where to look.


uniqueworksocial mediaunusualjob seeking

Are you working smart? - 26/11/13

Although working hard is ‘essential’ in the workplace and a core part of advancing your career, there is a notable difference between working hard and working smart.



Job Seeker Advice From Jobsite - 21/11/13

Job seekers commonly check for work with their local recruitment agency such as Baxter Personnel, when they don't they can usually be found on job boards. We summarise five key points that jobsite mentions is the best advice for job seekers.


job seekersjobsitekeypointadvicetips

Do You Use Google+? - 20/11/13

Google+ provides a wide variety of opportunities for those that are looking for work. Like most other social networks that can be effectively used for job hunting, Google+ provides an opportunity to find jobs that might not be posted on the abundance of job boards that are accessible.


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Does Your Business Use #Northeasthour? - 17/11/13

Does your business use the #northeasthour hashtag for Twitter? The #Northeasthour hashtag is used by businesses based in the North East of England to promote themselves to potential customers and other businesses.


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What Exactly Is A CV? - 13/11/13

Resumes or 'Curriculum Vitae' as they are also known are typically a one to two-page document that summarises your professional history, professional experience and related education and background.



Which direction is your career heading? - 11/11/13

Do you know which direction your career is heading? there is often a large gap between the jobs that professionals set out with the intention of getting and the job that they actually get.



How can I get more social - 21/07/13

If you want to get more social with your job search, we recommend registering with the popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.Registering with Facebook and Twitter alone though isn't enough.


How social networking can help you find a job - 21/07/13

Baxter Personnel posts and tweets a wide variety of fresh new job opportunities on a daily basis bringing your job search to you in a social environment, but with more and more people using Facebook and other social networking sites every day the way we look for work is constantly changing.




Having been based in Darlington town centre for 21 years Baxter Personnel has an unrivalled presence in the area and a candidate database to match. Calling on our 21 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly get your job filled with the right candidate, leaving you free to do what you do best -running your business.


Statutory redundancy payments and guarantee payments increase - 21/07/13

The maximum amount of a week's pay used to calculate a statutory redundancy payment and the basic and additional awards for unfair dismissal increases from £400 to £430 on 1 February 2012.


Changes to employment tribunal procedure - 21/07/13

The Government has announced a "fundamental review" of the Employment Tribunal Rules of Procedure, with substantial changes to employment tribunal procedure expected to be introduced on 6 April 2012.



Pensions auto-enrolment begins - 21/07/13

In what may prove to be one of the biggest challenges of the year for larger employers, starting from 1 October 2012, employers with 50 or more employees have to enrol eligible employees automatically, and make mandatory employer contributions, into a qualifying workplace pension scheme or the National Employment Savings Trust (Nest).


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Qualifying period for unfair dismissal protection is increased - 13/07/13

The biggest change to employment rights for 2012 is the increase of the qualifying period for an employee to bring an unfair dismissal claim from one year to two years.


Some of the companies we partner with - 13/07/13

At Baxter Personnel we truly believe building strong lasting relationships is the only way to do business. Not only do we make a genuine effort to work hand in hand with our candidates and clients but we believe relationships with our suppliers are equally important. A good supplier in our opinion really does make the effort to get to know a business so that they can supply the correct products to meet a need and advise the correct course of action. Below are some examples of suppliers that fall into this category and we at Baxter Personnel are extremely happy to recommend them to you.


More CV Tips - 13/07/13

Also include any special project which may be of interest and give an indication of the skills you used, e.g., working in a team on projects, using communication skills in seminars, etc.



CV Tips - 09/07/13

Before registering with Baxter Personnel, ensure your CV is giving prospective employers the best possible image.


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