Baxter Personnel Team up with Vale of Mowbray to Offer 35 Permanent Jobs


Baxter Personnel is excited to be teaming up with Vale of Mowbray to offer 35 permanent vacancies in Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire.

Established in 1795 Vale of Mowbray has grown to become the UK’s number 1 pork pie brand. Due to recent growth and success they’re looking to expand their team with production roles available across the business.


    A Change Is Gonna Come: What You Need To Consider Before Moving Careers

    21/07/2015 16:52:27

    They say that a change is as good as rest, especially if you have started to lose interest in your current job. If you are thinking about changing your career, it is vital to do the legwork before taking the leap of faith into a different sector. Changing career paths can be daunting process, but remember you are not alone; many people over the course of their working lives decide to change their careers for a number of reasons.


    HMRC's Reporting Requirements Deadline is Now Looming...

    21/07/2015 12:19:44


    It’s Not Unusual: Turning Job Rejection Into Positivity

    14/07/2015 16:12:18

    Rejection in any form can be difficult to digest. It is especially hard in the job market, as it can sometimes feel like a constant. But remember, it is not unusual to receive rejection during the job hunting process and it is vital to keep it all in prospective.


    Excel In Emailing: 5 Steps To A Professional Email Address

    07/07/2015 10:24:06

    Have you ever thought that your email address can have an impact on gaining your next job? In this digital age, emails play a huge part in the way which we communicate with others. If a candidate has an unprofessional email address this can sometimes mean make or break for a recruiter. As more and more companies are becoming paperless and taking to communicating with candidates on an online basis only, it is essential to have an appropriate email address.


    Baxter Personnel: Branching Out

    01/07/2015 16:22:31

    Growth, determination and hard work are just some of things which have driven Baxter Personnel to great success so far this year, on the back of last years accomplishments.


    Mind Your Social Media Manners: Presenting Yourself Online When Job Hunting

    18/06/2015 10:57:21

    Social networking sites are great tools to connect with old friends, share photos and to present yourself professionally online. More and more recruiters are using social media during the hiring process to gain an extended view of a candidate which is outside the realms of their CV. So if you are a fan of Facebook or are fanatical about Twitter, be aware of what you post online can affect your chances of securing your next job role.


    10 Essential Things To Include On Your CV

    09/06/2015 13:47:50

    Trying to decide what to include on your CV can be difficult. You need to demonstrate the appropriate skills and experience to a potential employer to convince them you are the right person for the job. To do that, you need to give suitable information but in limited space, so not to overwhelm the employer with information. Granted, there is no specific way to write a CV but if you include these 10 essential things on your CV, we don’t think you can go wrong:


    Want To Boost Your CV? - Volunteer!

    02/06/2015 11:37:53

    The 1st - 7th of June marks this year’s National Volunteer Week. Volunteering and work placements are a great way to gain extra experience and might make the difference between you clinching that vital job role. Whether you are a student who is looking for placement during the summer or if you have found yourself recently out of work, securing a voluntary role can ensure that you gain new skills and network with the right people.


    Mind The Gap: The Importance Of Job Longevity

    28/05/2015 10:30:25

    Job longevity is something all employers look at when reviewing an application. The length of time which you spend with a company can affect your chances at gaining your next role.


    Didn’t Get The Job? - How To Survive Rejection

    19/05/2015 14:13:56

    Rejection is something we all have to encounter at some point, it is particularly common when applying for jobs and hearing a ‘no’ can become frustrating. But don’t despair if you haven’t heard back from an application or if you didn’t succeed during the interview process, rejection can be the first step on the road to success. With that in mind, we have come up with 5 ways in which you can survive the rejection process.


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